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Lisa Loves Agadir

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 9:52 PM

In our quest to find new and exciting products and tools, we chatted with Lisa Barchetto of Allendale Hair Studios in Allendale, NJ and found out that she uses Agadir Spray Treatment to deliver argan oil.  This oil, one of the hottest ingredients in the salon world today, is produced from the kernels from the argan tree, found in Morocco. While there are many delivery systems available, Lisa just “LOVES the spray! It is simply remarkable,” she says. “I am a real fan of the argan oil treatments and to actually use it as a spray makes life so much easier.” In an interview, Lisa continued to share her thoughts on the product. “ It is light and does not affect the color of my blonde clients.  I use it for ironing and as an overall finish spray.  I use it on just about every client…even on kids! I use it before, during and after most services. Most importantly,” she continues, “the spray keeps my hands from getting oily.  The last thing I need is to have slippery hands and drop my shears…AGAIN!” 

Lisa Loves Agadir

Agadir Argan Oil

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