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America's Beauty Show: It's Here!!!

Alison Alhamed | July 10, 2011 | 9:53 PM

Oh my gosh—it's FINALLY here! America's Beauty Show!!!!

America's Beauty Show: It's Here!!!I'm all checked into my hotel, I just had a fabulous dinner with Maggie (Modern's Beauty and Fashion Director, duh!) and we're totally excited about all that's coming up in the next few days.

Coolest things about ABS, in no particular order : )

1) I speak to sooooo many people through email on a daily basis: manufacturers, distributors, hair stylists, salon owners, make-up artists, students, you name it. We live in a world where we constantly communicate through email or phone or text, we hardly get to actually meet the people we're speaking to. That's what I love so much about beauty shows. We all get together, we all actually meet and speak face to face. I love it! Please, if you see me wandering around the showfloor, make sure you stop and say hey! Let's take a quick pic or say hello to our video cameras—you could end up in my blog or on Modern Salon TV!

2) Since I enrolled in Pivot Point, my job has changed so much. Now, not only do I get to go to hair shows and see cool hair, but I get to go to hair shows, see cool hair, and LEARN how to do it, from the masters themselves! Prior to becoming a student, I always LOVED learning how styles and looks were put together. But now, I get to execute the looks in the classroom, on my mannequin, or on my brave friends and fam!

3) At a beauty show, you can FEEL the positive energy in the air. Seriously. There is SO much passion and enthusiasm for the industry it gives me goosebumps. I love, love, love it!

4) Black. Everyone wears black and it's my all-time fav color. I fit right in!

5) Stylists don't shake hands. Stylists hug! LOVE IT! This industry really is one that just loves to love. I <3 that!

6) Burning the calories. Man oh man, one day on the showfloor, running around shopping, interviewing, scoping out the new products, etc, you can easily burn a week's worth of calories. It's the BEST! You don't even realize you're exercising!

8) New products! Beauty shows are the best for finding the best new products to try out and buy. And, you can get some GREAT deals. LOVE THAT!

9) Getting together with the other Modern staffers. Modern is all over the country. We have an editor on the east coast (Maggie) one on the west (Stacey) we even have an editor in Canada! We have staffers in California, Arizona, Connecticut, you name it! It's always so good to get the whole team together and take the show by storm!!!

10) Last but not least, the people. My heart grows bigger and bigger each time I come to a hair show. A hair show just wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the amazing people, educators, organizers, editors, stylists, owners, distributors, manufacturers and salon and spa professionals. Love it!!!

Here's to a great show—remember to stop by Modern's booth #2600 to say hey!!

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