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Deja Vu

Faatemah Ampey | July 10, 2011 | 9:54 PM
The last episode of Shear Genius 3 left me dazed and confused. With four contestants left ... a crazy twist. No one was eliminated.

Instead of recapping episodes you should be watching, this week, I wanted to do something different. I'd like to share some behind the scenes fun. The entire cast had nicknames courtesy of Jon and myself.

Joey (Spicoli): He was named after the surfer-stoner character in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

Arzo (Rizzo): She was the house DJ. And nobody has a better iPod mix than Rizzo. She'll probably end up a rapper in her next life.

Giacomo (Chef): His Italian heritage forced him to cook dinner for the entire cast. He did this every night until his departure.

Adee (The Butcher): He was formally a butcher, and he was always talking about cutting something up!

Amy (Twiggy): Big doe eyes and petite frame.

April (Cataract): An eye condition that clouds the vision. April got the jokes a little slower than everyone. I often had to break down the punchline for her.

Brian (Einstein) aka (Oprah): He was first deemed Einstein because of his long-winded conversations and pondering of the universe. I later renamed him Oprah because he needs a talk show!

Brig (Rabbit): When we first arrived with our luggage, Brig opened her bag and the universe fell out ... as she was putting items back in her bag I said, "You dropped your rabbit." Brig was always digging around in that bag for something random and unnecessary.

Matthew (Dean): As in James Dean. Matthew's hair and his love of denim and white tees earned him this cool nickname.

Janine (Dorthy): I took one look at Janine and thought, "Dorothy we ain't in Kansas anymore." She stands about 5 feet, her voice is small and raspy but inside lives a little pit bull.

Jon (TW): Train-Wreck, I think this one is self explanatory. To know him is to love him.

Faatemah (?): I tried to nickname myself after the famous supermodel Naomi Campbell but Matthew shot that down. The resemblance is undeniable! Jon affectionately calls me his bubbi, which I still enjoy.

Random facts: If you look in my cell phone directory you will find: April/Cataract, Matthew/Dean, etc.....Fun-times.

It may surprise most of you to know we actually got along quite well. Everyone enjoyed their nicknames and we lived as any dysfunctional family would. I will always have fond memories of the cast and the experience of filming Shear Genius 3.

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