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Shear Genius Scoop: Bittersweet Ending

Faatemah Ampey | July 10, 2011 | 9:56 PM
The next Shear Genius is ... Brig Van Osten! This season has presented more twists and turns than a Rubik’s cube.

For the final challenge Matthew, Brig and Janine were asked to work with designer Henry Duarte. Duarte is known for his rock-n-roll edgy designs. Contestants were judged on how well their styles related to the clothing line and cohesiveness. In true Bravo form, there is a twist. Six former contestants were brought back to assist with the runway looks for the challenge. Brig has the golden nugget. Winning the last challenge gives her the advantage of picking first in the crucial challenge. Brig picks me first and then April. Janine chooses Arzo and Jon. Matthew selects Amy and Brian.

Why I Think Brig Won
Having done countless runway shows and creating award-winning collections of work, I know how important cohesiveness is to a body of work. Plain and simple, Brig best executed what the judges were looking for: how well the styles related to the clothing line and cohesiveness. Brig wanted to do a lot more than what was presented in this challenge. She heeded the advice that April and I gave and toned it down and the final result was a winning one.

Who do I think should have won? 

Faatemah, but they sent her home too early! I enjoyed watching Matthew’s work come down the runway that night. Although I was  not a fan of the skull caps, I thought his work was highly innovative and took a lot of technical skill to execute. He also consistently did well throughout the entire competition. I was shocked that Shear Genius was judged on the work presented that day and NOT the entire journey.

Predictions for what's next.
I doubt Matthew and Janine will have to worry about not winning Shear Genius. I am an admirer of both of their talents and I know their work will speak for them. They will be the next industry leaders in hair. I wonder if we will remember Brig in two years from now?  Time will tell ...

Brig's strategy for picking assistants for final challenge:

"Throughout the entire competition I saw a personal strength in April that I truly admired. I knew 100% that she would give her all to help me execute my vision, regardless of how crazy it sounded to her. I chose Faatemah because I needed her strong styling abilities for what I had in mind. I had an advantage and didn't want to face either of them on another team. I was excited to put together an all female cast." To see the rest of Brig's interview got to

My thoughts on her selection
Brig earned few friends throughout the competition. April was one of the few people she could trust. When $100,00 is at stake, loyalty is crucial. I believed she picked me first based on strategy. Matthew, Janine and myself went into this challenge with a plethora of editorial and runway experience. I would prove to be a force if combined with either Matthew or Janine and potentially a loss for Brig.

Random Rant 1, 2, 3, GO ...
1.) I was voted "Most likely to be on a soap opera" in high school. Who knew I'd end up on Bravo?

2.) It was never a thought to sabotage Brig. I wanted to be on a winning team. Always business and never personal—words I live by.

3.) For the record, Henry Duarte’s hair is not a toupee or a wig! I hung with him after the taping of the show and cornrowed his hair. True story.

4.) It is no secret I am not a fan of Brig. However, this opportunity may be the first big moment in her life to reveal something special in her. I am happy to congratulate her and wish her success in her endeavors. Brig, game well played!

5.) I LOVE Modern Salon magazine and have enjoyed giving you the exclusive dish from Shear Genius 3.

To all of you aspiring hair stylists, I leave you with these words. The road to success is not a direct path. Some people follow trail blazers, while others blaze their own trail. Determination and passion are only half the battle. Hone your skill, perfect it and then reinvent the wheel. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the sexiest job on earth ... hairdressing! If you've enjoyed hearing my thoughts and are now a Faatemah fanatic, join my fan page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter!

Keepin it 100% real,
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