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ORIBE Backstage

Maggie Mulhern | July 10, 2011 | 10:00 PM

Oribe, the famed hairstylist, has done more important photoshoots than just about any hairdresser today. His work has graced countless magazine covers, editorial spreads, key advertisements and has been seen on runways and red carpets around the world.

ORIBE Backstage
Maggie interviews Oribe during the Oribe Backstage Master Class.

ORIBE BACKSTAGE was held last week at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas. More than 600 hairdressers from around North America arrived to get the behind the scenes scoop on session, runway and red carpet styling. The event was designed to tap in to the attendees creativity and learn how best to push boundaries.

ORIBE Backstage
Sandy Poirier and Nate Prescott from Shag Salon in Boston outside the Palms Hotel in front of the Oribe sign.

Oribe did not disappoint. The two day event was chock full of information, education, networking, socializing and connecting. Of course there was a poker tournament (it is Las Vegas afterall), multiple parties at various Las Vegas nightclubs and an owners forum. The whole event was beautifully customized, including Oribe key cards, Oribe poker chips and an Oribe goody bag filled with Essie Nail Polish, Red Bull, Ghiradelli chocolates, Fiji Water, Pop Chips, Buddha Balm, Huntington Ink, and the best part: CUSTOM ORIBE DICE! To round out the event, Kharma Tequila supplied tequila, Mindbody offered a software presentation and Mehron Makeup was there to finish all the looks.

ORIBE Backstage
There were ORIBE dice in the goody bag!

ORIBE Backstage
There were parties and festivities every night.

One of the best parts for attendees was the actual Hands on Master Class, or “model workshop”. 240 models showed up on day two to be re-created for a photoshoot and runway presentation using Oribe products. The artists used their fresh education and new Oribe skills to transform the models into the 2010 version of “Grotesque Glamour”, from simple “big Hair” to avante-Garde Runway finishes. The finishes were exciting and inspiring, as was the entire “Oribe Backstage” event. ORIBE Backstage
Oribe got "hands-on" during the Master Class.

ORIBE Backstage
The Master Class in action

ORIBE Backstage
Oribe with some of the finished models.

“Oribe Backstage was simply amazing,” said Sandy Poirier of Shag in Boston. “Epic..An event like no other!!!!”

ORIBE Backstage
The event culminated in a fashion show featuring 240 models.

“It was extraordinary,” said Oribe himself. “I have never experienced anything quite like it. It was a once in a lifetime kind of experience that I think everyone there will remember. I certainly will!”

ORIBE Backstage
Oribe with a finished model onstage.

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