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Color Shampoos

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:22 PM

For clients who recently got their hair colored or highlighted, recommend the perfect color-care shampoo to keep their hair in tiptop shape. Take your pick from these brands that offer products suited for color-treated hair.

Color Shampoos
L’Oréal Professionnel

Product: L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Delicate Color Shampoo
How it works: It’s a sulfate-free shampoo for hair color prone to fading.
How it’s different: Its sulfate-free technology is extra mild and its cleansing base is formulated with the amino acid, taurine.
Special features: Taurine protects the hair’s surface and helps prevent the penetration of water into the hair fiber— the primary cause of rapid color fading.
Color Shampoos  Scruples Hair Care

Product: Scruples White Tea Luxury Collection’s Sulfate-free Restorative Shampoo
How it works: Apply to wet hair and massage into a rich, moisturizing lather. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Follow with White Tea Soothing Daily or Restorative Conditioner and rinse.
How it’s different: It has a sulfate-free,fade-resistant formula, which restores and nourishes hair leaving it silky, shiny and soft.
Special features: Contains White Tea Leaf Extract, an antioxidant that helps safeguard against environmental damage; Orange Flower Extract and Orange Oil, which energizes, conditions and adds vitality and sheen to hair.
Color Shampoos  Joico Professional Hair Products

Product: Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo
How it works: The QuadraBond Peptide Complex features four elements: Quadramine PEP, helps provide long-term repair; Arginine, helps hair to repel water; a Unique Polymer System which locks in color molecules; and African Manketti oil which replenishes damaged hair.
How it’s different: It gently cleanses, enhances elasticity, color vibrancy and shine. The lather won’t disrupt the surface B-Layer, so color molecules are discouraged from escaping.
Special features: Contains the QuadraBond Peptide Complex, which resurfaces and reconstructs hair to ensure strands maintain color intensity twice as long when compared to ordinary shampoo and conditioner.
Color Shampoos  Dennis Bernard

Product: Dennis Bernard Smart Solutions Problem Hair n’ Scalp (PHS)
How it works: PHS uses Pyrithicone Zinc active in conjunction with a plant-derived sulfate, which is gently cleanses. It controls dandruff, stops flaking and normalizes an oily scalp.
How it’s different: Protects color and is gentle enough for everyday use. Adds moisture, luster and shine to the hair.
Special features: Pyrithicone Zinc is a dandruff fighter. Shampoo contains Jojoba beads that gently exfoliate and condition the scalp. The Natural Amazonian Complex treats oily scalp, relieves dryness and irritation, and helps prevent flaking. The shea and raspberry butter help soothe dry, sensitive scalps.
Color Shampoos
Mastey de Paris

Product: Mastey Paris Colour Refreshing Shampoo
How it works: Penetrates the hair cuticle, infusing the hair with a vibrant healthy glow and salon-fresh color. Maintains color between touch-ups, prevents fading and neutralizes undesirable brassy, reddish or yellow tones.
How it’s different: It adds natural-looking color highlights while improving the hair’s condition.
Special features: A palette of 10 beautiful tones compliment hair color, or mix several to create custom color and highlights.
Color Shampoos  Goldwell

Product: Goldwell Dualsenses Color Shampoo
How it works: Features Microfluid technology that allows fast and even distribution of active ingredients that give noticeable results.
How it’s different: Dualsenses Color Shampoo has pomegranate extract that provides color brilliance and hair that’s light and natural to touch. For fine to normal color-treated hair. The instant Microfluid technology allows immediate results you can see and feel.
Special features: Intensifies colors with an anti-oxidative pomegranate extract and UV filters. It results in balanced, glossy care without weighing down the hair.

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