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Philip Pelusi Introduces Tela Beauty Organics to the West Coast

Lauren Salapatek | July 10, 2011 | 11:29 PM

Philip Pelusi, founder of Tela Beauty Organics, introduced his line of USDA certified organic hair care products to the West Coast at a wine and cheese reception at Detox Market, a pop-up store of eco-friendly brands that is enjoying a limited run on trendy Abbott Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA. The internationally recognized hairdresser and entrepreneur created age-appropriate looks for women in their 20s, 30s and 40s using products from his Tela Beauty Organics line.

“Every hair cut I do has similarities,” says Pelusi, “but it’s like working on different fabrics.” Think of curly, slightly frizzy hair as cashmere, baby-fine hair as chiffon, hair that shows every mark as linen, and long, thick hair as cotton. On baby-fine hair like Jo Ann’s, Pelusi created what he calls invisible structure by layering her hair but keeping the layers longer and not doing too many of them.

Aubrey got a dry set. First, Pelusi worked a little Tela Beauty Organics Healer through her hair. “It’s a cream that can be used on wet or dry hair,” he says. Next, he created four ponytails, which he twisted and pinned into place. After about 20 minutes, Pelusi removed the pins and used his fingers to create subtle waves. “This is an easy set for women to do at home,” he says.

To style Nicole’s long, thick hair, Pelusi used a combination of Healer and Dri Shampoo, which he uses like a setting spray. “It has no polymers and no resins so it doesn’t leave a residue when you brush the hair out,” says Pelusi, who used a curling iron to set Nicole’s hair, then used his fingers to brush it out.

Leigh was growing out a severely layered cut, which Pelusi softened a bit. After spritzing her hair with Encore—“It’s like Healer on steroids,” he says—Pelusi used a flat iron to smooth the hair about halfway down her head, then used a curling iron to create loose waves at her neckline.

Philip Pelusi Introduces Tela Beauty Organics to the West Coast Philip Pelusi Introduces Tela Beauty Organics to the West Coast 
Philip Pelusi created four ponytails, which he twisted and pinned into place, to create loose waves on Aubrey. Pelusi gave Aubrey a dry set, then finger-combed her tresses.
 Philip Pelusi Introduces Tela Beauty Organics to the West CoastPhilip Pelusi Introduces Tela Beauty Organics to the West Coast 
Pelusi gave Leigh, who was growing out a severely layered hair cut, a soft bob.
The trick to giving clients like Nicole who want the option of wearing their hair up or down is to keep the layers long and not go too short on top.

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