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Andis Supports United Way

Jan Hillenmeyer | July 10, 2011 | 11:47 PM

Associates at Andis Company’s headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin once again set their sights on supporting the Racine County United Way. The company was shooting for a 17 percent increase over last year’s contribution, but actually achieved a 35 percent increase, and that was reached in only 20 days.

Contributions were collected through eight employee-developed initiatives. The fundraising efforts included a raffle drawing for vacation days and prizes with winnings divided between the winner and the United Way. Food sales, silent auctions penny wagering and bets placed on the famous Klements’ Racing Sausages—familiar to any fan of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team—who visited the Andis parking lot for the race.

Company President Matt K. Andis offered to up the ante by having his hair cut into a Mohawk if the United Way goals were met. Andis kept his promise and who better to create the Mohawk than the company’s Educational Director Ivan Zoot.

“As an incentive for reaching our goal, I promised to have my hair fashioned into a Mohawk, cut by our educational director Ivan Zoot,” said Andis. “I’d like to think that this offer was inspirational. I’m proud of the Andis associates for their creativity in thinking of ways to raise funds and for their amazing generosity.” Visit

Andis Supports United Way

Andis President Matt K. Andis keeps his promise to let Educational Director Ivan Zoot give him a Mohawk if the company reached its United Way contributon goal.

Andis Supports United Way

Matt K. Andis shows off his Mohawk created by Ivan Zoot.

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