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Sexy Hair Launches REINVENT

Maggie Mulhern | July 11, 2011 | 12:22 AM
Sexy Hair Launches REINVENT

Sexy hair held its first New York press event EVER to launch Sexy Hair REINVENT Color Care Keratin Hair Filler, the new in-salon treatment designed to transform hair from the inside out.

I met with Rafe Hardy, Artistic Creative Director of Sexy Hair, who explained to me how REINVENT fills follicles with keratin, the fibrous protein in the outer layer of the hair. “It’s the best treatment for weak, lifeless and over processed hair,” said Rafe before sending me for the treatment. “It will turn back the clock and give you healthy and shiny hair.” According to the press materials, the full 2 process service helps prevent damage to the outside by forming an invisible shield on the hair shaft, lubricating and reinforcing the cuticle. It repairs damage from the inside by penetrating the hair cortex and depositing keratin proteins for stronger, shinier frizz-free hair. It locks hair color from the inside by penetrating the hair cortex to attach color pigments.

Sexy Hair Launches REINVENTI was sent to the shampoo area for the service which included a five minute at bowl keratin hair filler, followed by the REINVENT treatment which is left in the hair under heat for 15 minutes.

After a blow out, I must admit my hair DID look great and Rafe felt the need to run his fingers through the shiny, silky strands. I’m sure he did the same to the other 20 editors that showed up for the event, but I kind of bought his enthusiasm at my “before and after”.

There are four new products in the Healthy Sexy Hair line to complement the treatment including REINVENT Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner for Damaged Fine/Thin Hair and REINVENT Color Extend Shampoo and Treatment for Overly Damaged Thick/Coarse Hair. All the new products are created with coconut oil, bamboo extract and acai berry, and do NOT contain soap, parabens, gluten or alcohol.

Sexy Hair Launches REINVENT

Maggie Mulhern, photography by: Moises de Pena.

Sexy Hair Launches REINVENT
 Rafe Hardy, Artistic Creative Director of Sexy Hair checks out Maggie's hair after service.
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