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Tracey Cunningham’s Fall/Winter 2011 Haircolor Forecast

August 23, 2011 | 9:03 AM

As the thermometer drops this winter, trendy haircolors are on the rise with brilliant brunettes, rich redheads and bright blondes. Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color, has the latest in fall haircolor trends and professional haircolor products to achieve these trends and get the hottest looks of the season.

 “I make small adjustments to update my clients’ color from fall to winter,” says Tracey Cunningham. “I love using the new Redken Illumination technique to create a natural but current look.  The technique is all about graduating the color from dark at the base to light on the ends to create a beautiful, modern look.”

Fall/Winter 2011 Trend #1: Brunettes

“The look of the upcoming season will continue to be the ‘Illumination’ effect.  It is the hottest haircolor trend in Hollywood right now and it can be seen on every red carpet! It is a fun look that welcomes the winter months going brunette around the base and gradually going lighter down to the ends of the hair.” – Tracey Cunningham

Fall/Winter 2011 Trend #2: Redheads

“Isla’s color is one of my favorite looks. The shine in her hair gives her a vibrant look from head to toe. This fall you will see this look on many of my celebrity clients as it’s a very seasonal trend.  The color is in-between a strawberry blonde red and a ginger red; it is the perfect touch of ‘fun- in-the-sun look’ after the summer months.” – Tracey Cunningham

 Fall/Winter 2011 Trend #3: Blondes

“Emma’s new blonde look has been quite the buzz with the media. This look is the result of a few visits to the salon to get it just right. The most important aspect to this look is keeping your locks hydrated to reduce breakage from the lightener. The look has highlights and lowlights throughout the hair and an ultra blonde base.” – Tracey Cunningham

 “To complete the fall/winter haircolor story, Redken is launching new Shades EQ Cream to create beautiful blondes, brunettes and redheads,” states Cunningham.  “Shades EQ Cream delivers a longer-lasting, richer haircolor cream that’s perfect for glazing, refreshing and correcting, and now I can do even more with cream placement techniques.”


Redken’s new Shades EQ Cream features:

  • Acidic pH to ensure gentle processing for outstanding condition and shine and optimized fiber integrity
  • No ammonia and no lift as it won’t lighten hair’s natural pigment and minimizes swelling and cuticle damage
  • 100% oxidative dyes to produce rich, deep, long-lasting color results
  • Pomegranate oil, rice protein and conditioning polymers help protect, moisturize and nourish the hair fiber

Tracey Cunningham’s Fall/Winter 2011 Haircolor Forecast Tracey Cunningham’s Fall/Winter 2011 Haircolor Forecast Tracey Cunningham’s Fall/Winter 2011 Haircolor Forecast













  • Highlight formula 1: 1 oz. 6Bc Color Fusion + 1 oz. 5Cr Color Fusion + 2 oz. 20 volume Pro-oxide Cream Developer
  • Highlight formula 2: 2 oz. 7Cr Color Fusion + 2 oz. 20 volume Pro-oxide Cream Developer
  • Glaze formula: 1 oz. 08WG Golden Apricot Shades EQ + 1 oz 07C Curry Shades EQ + ½ oz. 08C Cayenne Shades EQ + ½ oz. Orange Kicker Shades EQ + 3 oz. Shades EQ Processing Solution



  • Base color: ½ oz. 07GC Burnished Copper Shades EQ Cream + ½ oz. 05BR Garnet Sand Shades EQ Cream + 1 oz. 10 vol. Pro-Oxide Cream Developer
  • Glaze: 2/3 oz. 06GI Antiqued Gold Shades EQ Cream + 1/3 oz. Clear Shades EQ Cream + 1 oz. 10 vol. Pro-Oxide Cream Developer



  • Glaze: 1 oz. 09A Slate Blonde Shades EQ Cream + 1 oz. 10 vol. Pro-Oxide Cream Developer Isolate select random strands and apply ½ oz. 09WN Summer Wheat Shades EQ Cream + ½  oz. 10 vol. Pro-Oxide Cream Developer



Emily Blunt: Wire Image 62858081

Isla Fisher: Wire Image 63500435

Emma Stone: Wire Image 63727363


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