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Curly Case Studies: The Power of the Deva Cut

September 1, 2011 | 12:15 PM

Curly Case Studies: The Power of the Deva CutShai Amiel
Capella Salon, Studio City, California

Training: Learned curl techniques on his own and trained with Lorraine Massey from Devachan Salon

Background: Fifteen years ago, Amiel noticed how hard it is for curlyhaired clients to find the right stylist.  Today, more than half of Amiel’s clientele have curly or textured hair, and he says adding a curl department definitely increased sales in the salon. “I never really planned on specializing in curly hair, but over the years it just evolved,” he adds.

Amiel, who is known by clients as the “curl doctor,” recently invited Massey, author of Curly Girl: The Handbook and the Deva product creator, to train Capella Salon’s team.

How He Markets His Salon: Amiel also teamed up with Massey to create Hair Artists for Water, raising awareness for a charitable organization that brings clean drinking water to developing countries.The project kicked off at Capella Salon’s Curls Night Out event, where stylists demonstrated curl-styling techniques and clients enjoyed wine, champagne and desserts. Massey was on hand during the event to sign books and answer curly questions. To spread the word, Amiel used Facebook and NaturallyCurly to ensure all of the area curlies were invited. The raffle at Curls Night Out raised almost $800.

Curly Case Studies: The Power of the Deva Cut  


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