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Curly Case Studies: Curl Education

September 1, 2011 | 12:38 PM

Curly Case Studies: Curl EducationMelanie Higgins-Day
Seasons Salon and Spa, Lexington, Kentucky

Background: Initially used trial and error, but also sought out stylists as mentors and trained with master stylist Philip Pelusi. Higgins-Day shifted her focus to curly hair last year after hosting a “You’ve Got Curls” workshop, which helped women understand the different curl types and the products appropriate for each type. Following the success of her workshop, Higgins- Day set up, which features videos and photos of her work, plus a blog covering all things curly, kinky and wavy.

How She Markets Her Salon: Attending local fashion shows or fundraising events with curly- or textured-hair women has helped her drive traffic to the website and drum up new business. “I meet different women of different lifestyles and pass out my card,” says Higgins-Day. “I do curly hair of all textures.” Higgins-Day’s workshop drew curls of all types.

Her other marketing strategy is a large car magnet from VistaPrint, which promotes her website to passersby as she drives around town. Higgins-Day says, “I’ve had one client who has referred at least five people. She saw my magnet at Chili’s.”

Curly Case Studies: Curl Education


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