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Webcast: No Hardware No Headaches - Move Your Business To The Cloud

September 8, 2011 | 1:42 PM

Orignal Webcast Date: September 26, 2011


Tag You're IT! Tablets and smart phones are taking over when it comes to almost everything in today’s world.

Reception checks clients in on a tablet, sends a note to the stylist and Tag .. She's IT. Stylist recommends product on her smart phone and Tag .. Front Desk is IT. At check out the recommendations are closed on the paperless sales ticket, the client pre-books the next appointment and goes home happy with her look and her shopping experience. The retail on the ticket is 20-40% of the sale!

At end of day, walk around with a tablet and book that next appointment, add products to the ticket and check out. Front Desk is happy and so is the client.

A smart phone in the technician's pocket frees up time to recommend services and products, check their schedules, add formulas and send relevant notes on a safe Cloud Host such as Amazon.

Attend this Free Webinar and find out how things are changing to take salons to new heights on the latest in Cloud software on Amazon EC2. Easy and affordable and the dollars are in the details. Tag You're IT!


What You Will Learn:

• An overview of the Cloud and how to use mobile devices (Virtual Spa & Salon video using iPad mobile device video 2 minutes)

• How to increase overall sales using Cloud Software Tools

• The meaning of the word Cloud (simple child like fun video takes the mystery out of the word Cloud) (2 minutes

• Two guest salons will talk about their use of mobile devices  on the Cloud.

• How to create a tag team approach using mobile devices to increase today’s sales ticket

• How to increase overall sales using Cloud Software Tools

• How to target your client base for special promotions using cloud tools

• Why you should implement client on line booking

• What to look for in Cloud Computing software

• What you need to know to get hooked up to the Cloud

• How Cloud computing reduces your costs, increases sales, and streamlines your operation paperlessly


Who should attend: 

• Owners and Managers



Webcast: No Hardware No Headaches - Move Your Business To The CloudCatherine Renaud is CEO of Software Creations. Catherine has the privilege of meeting and consulting with some of the great minds in beauty and wellness across the country using their “cloud computing”, Virtual Spa and Salon software.  Call or email for a demonstration to see how a mobile, paperless, online business processing software can advance your business to the next level.  Call 1.800.382.5510, email [email protected], or visit the website at





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