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November 9, 2011 | 12:38 PM
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1. Towel dry hair after using a clarifying shampoo. Begin the cut in back. Comb down the hair below the occipital and cut slight U shape.
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2. Work up the back of the head with slight projection.
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3. As you continue through the cut, occasionally drop the projection and cut into the ends to “distort.”
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4. Continue to “distort” by directing lengths forward and chipping at ends.
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5. Lift up sections as you make your way up the head. Cut deep into the ends or cut at mid section to create movement.
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6. Direct front and sides forward. Cut to create an angled shape at jaw.
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7. Direct the top forward and slice along the ends.
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8. Dry hair at natural fall, and slice along the surface to desired shape and texture.
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9. Lift up the top section. Twist sections and chip at mid section.
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10. Direct the fringe forward. Chip along the ends to the desired length.
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11. Semipermanent color is placed along ends only, using a brush and bowl. Formula: PM Shines 9N and 9Y with dedicated developer. Massage color into the hair. Process for 10-20 minutes, shampoo and condition. Apply Steady Grip and blow dry with fingers.
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