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HOW-TO: Selena Rocks the Retro Glam Trend at the AMAs

Kelly Cison | November 21, 2011 | 6:30 PM

The retro glam trend is picking up steam in and around Hollywood...and all over the country! We've seen this trend recently on various singers and actresses, most often done with a deep side part and sleek waves, and polished makeup and an uber-glam gown to complete the look.

We saw it pop up on a few celebs at the CMAs earlier this month and now, just this week at the American Music Awards, as seen here on Selena Gomez. Want to get Selena's look? Pasquale Casalle from IT&LY Hairfashion has the steps to recreate her the steps for another version of this hot look as seen on Jenny McCarthy.


1. Apply Volumizing Mousse on wet hair.

2. Blow dry hair in small sections from nape to crown with medium round brush, hold into a curl and apply heat thoroughly.

3. When you remove the brush, spray a bit of volumizing spray, It&ly Hairfashion Pure Texture, and hold curl in place with a clip until it cools down; continue all over the head.

4. Once hair has cooled, remove clips, and if need be, curl some sections with a medium barrel curling iron. Apply a few drops of a shine serum.

5. Part hair to the side, lightly tease the crown for a bit of hold, and brush hair to the side, tucking a piece behind the ear. Finish with a medium hold spray.



1. To achieve this easy glamorous style, spray the roots of wet hair with a volumizing spray like It&ly Hairfashion Pure Texture.

2. Take small sections and blow dry with a medium sized round brush, concentrating volume on the roots and a bit of bend on the ends.

3. Take diamond shape sections and roll onto Velcro rollers in a downward motion. Put a bit of heat from the blow dryer onto each roller and allow to cool down.

4. Remove rollers and spray hair with a light hair spray, then brush out the hair with a paddle brush.

5. Apply a few drops of a shine serum, Purity Pure Water Drops, and mold ends into a soft curl.

6. Tease the root area lightly, and lightly brush to help hair stay to the side. Finish with a medium hold Hair Spray, Purity Pure Definition Hair Spray.

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