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Perfect Pregnancy Styles

Jessica Galliart | January 3, 2012 | 11:23 AM

Baby watch 2012 has begun! But while the Internet waits for Babyonce—Beyonce and Jay-Z’s first child—to enter the world, we’re taking notice of all of the expecting celebrities sporting long and luscious locks throughout their pregnancies.

For some women, increased hormones during pregnancy lead to faster hair growth for a fuller and thicker mane. Unfortunately, this is usually a temporary—though much welcomed!—side effect from pregnancy that can wear off shortly after giving birth.

But what to do with such hair changes during those exciting nine months? We rounded up a few celebrity moms-to-be rocking both the length and the trendy high bun (bun in the oven, anyone?) to give your expecting clients some inspiration to enjoy and experiment with their changing textures.

Perfect Pregnancy Styles


Though she has yet to announce a due date, Jessica announced her pregnancy over Twitter on Halloween in a fitting “mummy” costume. Seen here in December, she’s sporting her typical length—and extensions still, perhaps?—but her golden blonde glows a bit brighter than usual.

Perfect Pregnancy Styles


You can check for updates on the much-anticipated birth of Bey’s little one, but we’re on watch to see how the diva’s handling her first pregnancy, which she announced at the MTV Video Music Awards in late August. Looking good!

Perfect Pregnancy Styles


The “How I Met Your Mother” star got an early Christmas present with the news of her second pregnancy in December. Though she’s in her earlier trimesters, her red locks are already looking brighter and longer.

Perfect Pregnancy Styles


Lizzie McGuire is all grown up—and expecting her first child this spring. We’ve seen Hilary experiment with shades on both the very light and very dark side, but we love that she’s sticking with her dirty blonde ombre treatment and longer waves for now.

Perfect Pregnancy Styles


She’s not showing much of a bump along her waistline just yet, but the Kardashian sister has been keeping her must-be-extensions length pulled up into chic updos and buns thus far in her just-announced pregnancy.

Perfect Pregnancy Styles


 More buns on ladies with a bun in the oven! Also a fan of the effortless updo look, the actress and mother of one is expecting her second child and reportedly due in the next few months.

Perfect Pregnancy Styles


Name one thing that can distract from a full-term baby bump: radiant red hair! The actress’ ruby red mane has always been a head-turner, but with that pregnancy glow, it’s turned into a stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks style.


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