Celebrity Hair House Calls

Jessica Galliart | January 24, 2012 | 12:04 AM

A hair-styling house call…for a high-profile, celebrity client? Yes, please!

In just a few weeks, Matrix Artistic Director Ammon Carver was summoned by not one, but two primetime TV stars in need of some styling for both evening looks and early morning appearance styles. We checked in with Carver for a recap of his experiences tending to such starlets and also got some tips on how you can achieve these long-lasting looks for your clients.

Celebrity Hair House Calls  
Formerly known as the beautiful blonde Dr. Allison Cameron on “House,” Jennifer has been making waves recently on her newest television fantasy drama, “Once Upon a Time,” playing the missing daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. And with a starring role on new television show comes…many talk show appearances! With three scheduled in one day, from dawn to dusk, Jennifer called on Carver in early January to help her create lasting and unique styles for each of them.  


Appearance #1: ‘Good Morning America’

Carver says Jennifer requested a similar look to the long and softly waved style she wears on “Once Upon a Time” for her first stop of the day at the ABC studio. To replicate the waves, Carver says he applied Matrix Total Results Moisture Cure 2-Phase Treatment to her damp hair, then followed it up with Matrix Design Pulse Go Big Extra Strong Hold Mousse. After blow drying, he used a curling iron to swirl sections vertically, alternating the rotation direction between sections to create natural movement. Finally, he set the waves with Matrix Vavoom ShapeMaker Extra-Hold Hairspray after they had cooled and relaxed a bit.

Appearance #2: ‘Live! With Kelly!’

For Jennifer’s mid-morning appearance with Kelly Ripa, Carver pinned her long fringe back, keeping her textured ends as full and free-flowing as he had left them hours earlier.

Appearance #3: Sirius Radio  
Celebrity Hair House Calls  
Almost done! For her final stop of the day, where Jennifer was scheduled to tape some video and audio interviews, Carver gathered her hair into a voluminous ponytail and worked her fringe into a braid along her hairline. “It looked really cute!” he says. “She loved it.”  



 Celebrity Hair House Calls  
 Not all hair stylist’s celeb house calls are for professional purposes—sometimes a lady just needs a killer style for a night on the town, right? Such was the case for Carver with “The Voice” judge and pop diva Christina in New York City just after Christmas.

“Christina and her boyfriend, Matt Rutler, had been hanging out in their suite over the weekend with their dog,” Carver says. “That day, they decided to head out for a low-key dinner.  She asked me for a casual look that would hold up under a cute hat and fit in with the Bohemian vibe in Soho.”

Carver and Christina eventually agreed on loose, sexy waves with several braided pieces in front, similar to her style pictured above. To achieve the look, Carver misted sections with Matrix Vavoom Shapemaker Medium Hold Hairspray then twirled them around a large curling iron. After cooling, he worked Matrix Design Pulse Loosely Defined Texture Crème through Christina’s locks for separation and control throughout the evening.

And, as it was the season of giving, Carver left Christina with the new Matrix Total Results Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil for conditioning. See more of Christina's styles from the past here in Style Evolution.

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