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Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Lauren Salapatek | January 31, 2012 | 1:39 PM

These stars stepped out in their red carpet best hair styles for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsRomantic Glamour

Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsWearing a pale pink Dior gown and hair designed by master stylist Enzo Angileri, Charlize Theron’s head-turning look was the epitome of modern, romantic glamour.


Try it: Curl small sections with a 2-inch curling iron to enhance volume and texture. Completely brush through, sweep the hair to the left and separate into three sections. Mist with Moroccanoil Frizz Control. “I pulled and rolled Charlize’s first two sections into a loose bun and pinned them, working with hairspray throughout the process to control and hold the hair in place. I released and wrapped the last section under and around the bun and pinned it,” says Angileri. Finally, adjust and free strands in the bun to make it more unstructured, messy, and a bit wispy. To complete the look, Angileri placed a Cartier diamond headband into the style.


Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsBohemian Chic

Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsNicole Kidman wowed watchers with her smooth, silky mane and subtle “half moon” curls at the ends. The style gave Kidman a curly wave at the ends to provide movement and texture.


Try it: Start with wet hair and apply a dime-sized amount of Miracle Oil Elixir by David Babaii. Create a smooth blowout using the medium-sized T3 AntiGravity Barrel Brush and dry the hair. Part hair down the middle and flatiron to straighten the root, sealing the cuticle. Then create “half moon” bends at the ends.


Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsRed-Carpet Beauty

Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsReese Witherspoon rocked the red carpet from head to toe on Golden Globes night. According to Pureology PureArtists Natasha Sunshine, Wendy Belanger and Sandy Joseph, this look is easy to achieve with a medium round brush and a 1-inch curling iron.


Try it: Work around the head, wrap hair around a 1-inch curling iron creating soft curls. Separate curls with fingers and apply Anti Breakage Twist for added texture and definition. Backcomb and tease crown for volume.


Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsFlapper Chic

Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsWinner for Best Actress, Michelle Williams wore a headband with a jeweled brooch, which gave a modern spin to her retro look. According to Wella Professionals stylist Chris McMillan, “The style was a retro ’60s combined with Flapper fl air type of look that showed there’s still a lot of glamour and versatility with short hair.”


Try it: Apply Wella Professionals Natural Volume Styling Mousse to wet hair, shape hair with hands, and let hair air-dry. Once dry, direct blow dryer at the roots to give extra lift at the crown and body. Apply a headband with jeweled brooch. Push bangs over to the side where the jewel is positioned for a heavy fringe effect.


Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsTwisted Updo

Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe Awards“Angelina Jolie’s looped roller coaster twists and turns have a lot of movement,” says Philip Pelusi, creator of Tela Beauty Organics. “This beautiful twisted sculpture can be reproduced with a few special products and a few hair pins that coordinate with your client’s hair color.”


Try it: Set the hair in the largest size Velcro or hot rollers. Use Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Dri Shampoo to add lift at the root. Wind rollers down the scalp and pin in place. If using hot rollers, put them in and let them stay in the hair just a few minutes, then remove them and let hair cool. Secure the hair into a hair band in the center of the back of the head, form a loop and then pin into place near the hair band. Form another loop, going in another direction and pin into place. Repeat this process almost forming a figure-8 until all of the hair is pinned down and the hair band is completely covered.


Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsClassically Cool

Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsGeorge Clooney’s look is perfect for guys who want to keep their hair easy-to-style, short and stylish.


Try it: “Because Clooney’s hair cut is lightly texturized, the soft-side part look is best when styled with Matrix’s Beach Clay,” says Matrix Artistic Director, Ammon Carver. “When applied to dry hair, it’s perfect for a controlled style with some light separation.”


Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsTouch of Gray

Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsMatt LeBlanc’s once-dark hair sported some gray at the Golden Globes this year—and his cut was a little shorter too. According to David Guerin, global artistic director for Oster Professional, creating this look is easy


Try it: “Use the 3 ¾ blade on the sides Professional with the Turbo 77 clipper. and back of the hair to achieve the ½-inch length LeBlanc has. When using a blade that is long, hair isn’t cut precisely so there is more of a textured look. Clipper over comb the top with the size 000 blade and then chunk out the top with the size 1 blade to add more texture by taking the blade and stabbing it in and out of the hair. Finish with a clay to leave a matte finish.


Style Watch: 2012 Golden Globe AwardsCat Eye

Emma Stone’s smoky eye is different because it is dramatically extended and blended out in the corners, creating almost a cat-eye effect with the shadow. “This technique helps lift the eyes and give them a more almond-like shape,” says Kristen Therese Leonard, make-up artist and marketing manager for Your Name Professional Brands.


Try it: Draw a cat-eye shape, with dark shadow and a smudge brush, following and extending the shape of the eye. Fill in the corners and smooth and blend the edges. For a natural matte finish on the skin and a pop of pink to cheeks and lips, use Your Name’s Baked Hydrating Powder Foundation and Your Name’s Baked Blush in “Tulip.”

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