Rejuvenol's Argania Professional Skin Care Line

Lauren Salapatek | February 2, 2012 | 1:45 PM

Rejuvenol has announced their launch of their new Argania Professional Skin Care line with Argan Oil, Collagen, Keratin and Pantheol as key ingredients. The line consists of six products: Argania Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Revitalizing Body Wash, Hand and Body Silkening Milk and Daily Cleanser.

Argania Revitalizing Body Wash (8 oz): Body wash made with Argan Oil and Shea butter that gently cleanses and moisturizes skin.

Argania Hand and Body Silkening Milk (8 oz): Made with Argan oil, Shea butter and vitamins A and D, to hydrate dull, dry, moisture deprived skin.

Argania Day Cream (50 ml): A sinergistic combination of Argan Oil with natural extracts of Watercress and Apple that help fight the look of age spots and fine wrinkles. Collagen helps improve elasticity while Hyaluronic acid increase moisture. Parabens, fragrance and artificial color free.

Argania Night Cream (30 ml): A perfect night cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Contains retinol known as the best non-prescription antiwrinkle in the market. Formulated with Shea butter and Argan Oil for intense hydration. Parabens, fragrance and artificial color free.

Argania Eye Cream (15 ml): Helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and  dark circles under the eyes. A combination of polypeptides and Argan Oil also help smooth out the look of fine lines.

Argania Daily Cleanser (4 oz): Formulated to clean skin’s impurities without removing natural oils. Your skin will look and feel soft without the over drying effect of other cleansers.

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Rejuvenol's Argania Professional Skin Care Line

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