Extend Your Skills

Alison Alhamed | February 2, 2012 | 3:17 PM

MODERN’s Advanced Academy Tour heads to New York City for Great Lengths certification training, where students learn how to use extensions to create multiple service options for their clients.

Extend Your Skills

Extend Your SkillsGreat Lengths’ three-day hands-on certification teaches students, whose experience range from new graduates to industry veterans, the skills needed to develop a business in extension services.

Throughout the three days, students learn of the vast opportunities extension services can offer clients through different placement strategies—creating a hair cut, correcting a hair cut, chemical-free highlights, covering a scar or alopecia, filling in a fringe, or adding volume, body or length.

Extend Your SkillsThe consultation remains a focus throughout the duration of the academy as a client’s look and attitude can be changed just as dramatically as cosmetic surgery. Educators Alejandro Lozano and Nikki Jauer led the classroom in mock consultations to determine colors, lengths, bundles/ strands needed, and the bond size needed based on density, and application method.

Though chemical services can be performed on extensions, students learn there are precautions that need to be taken, such as bleach cannot touch the bonds; use 20-volume or less developer; and wait 48 hours after the extension service before performing chemical services.

One of the most important tips regarding pricing and the consultation, says Lozano, “do not ever talk number of strands, bundles or price per strand with your client. You are selling and presenting a complete look, not hair. Once a client has this pricing information, she often thinks she can dictate how to accomplish the service or look.”

Alison’s Overview

“This course covers all of the need-to-knows in terms of application, maintenance and removal of strands and, almost as important, the business opportunities made available through offering extension services. Additionally, educators Alejandro Lozano and Nikki Jauer distributed information to protect the stylist, including mock contracts, waivers and deposit agreements. The guidebook distributed is full of the information needed to help with hair design decisions, tips for application, a pricing chart to help guide extensionists, and ways to generate additional revenue using Great Lengths extensions.”

Extend Your SkillsGreat Lengths Certification

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Method

Format: Theory and practical

Awarded: Great Lengths Certified Technician certificate; Salon System Kit; mannequin and practice strands; color rings; application/removal tools and supplies; and more

Duration: 3 days

Cost: $3,500 Student to teacher ratio: 10 to 1

Skill level recommended: Any licensed cosmetologist who wants to expand their service offerings into the extension market

Upcoming classes: Visit for dates, locations and application methods

Bring with you: Shears, razor, combs, flatiron, grip clips, single-prong clips, towels Great Lengths Certification

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