"You Know You're A Hair Stylist When ________" Fill in the Blank!

Alison Alhamed | February 24, 2012 | 10:37 AM

MODERN SALON's Facebook community of nearly 80,000 fans continues to grow by the minute. Not only because of the work, inspiration and education WE share, but largely because of the work, inspiration and education YOU share! MODERN editors are so impressed at the creativity displayed on our page every single day, and we can't thank you enough for showing off your talents.

Recently, we posed the question: "You know you're a hair stylist when _________" and the comments came flooding in—nearly 700 replies, and they were so hilarious (and true!)... Check out some of our favorite responses.

"You Know You're A Hair Stylist When ________" Fill in the Blank!


Chad E Brannon You look in your closet and you realize you only own black clothes.

Kelly Margaret Thompson You use tweezers to pick hair splinters out of your bra.

Julie Taylor El-Abiad Your ankles are swollen, your hands are dry and stained, you have hair in your pocket, a band-aid on your knuckle, tips in your other pocket and your heart is smiling.

Vicki Smith Guffey You go out to eat and find a hair in your food, but it doesn't bother you.

Cindy Miller Pruett You use sharpie markers to cover up bleach spots in your clothes.

Jennifer Vollmer When you travel you have more hair products than clothes in your luggage.

Kyle Reynolds Whatever happens in a movie, you always point out the hair styles.

Jayme Williamson It takes you 8 months to get your own hair done.

Joni Sala If you iron the corners of your shirts with a flatiron.

Shawntell McCahan Mitchell You start giving color and cut makeovers to people on the streeet your head.

Alicia Landosca Your feet fall asleep before you do!

Erica Heavner You think you have a day off and a friend calls you to do their hair.

Amanda Lanzetta It's normal to find other people's hair in your boobs.

Lauren Grace Your fingers, nails and arms are always dyed different colors and it freaks everyone out.

Erica Flowers The "hairy chest," neck, folds of your arms etc. that you have after a good, busy day.

Jennifer Nesbit When you get excited over a color wheel. When you never get bored even when you have been at it for years. When it becomes yoour stress relief to break away from all that is reality.

Panache TheSpalon You run into your clients at the grocery store on your day off wearing a hat and no make-up, yet they cover their head and say, "Don't look! I haven't done my hair today!"

Joni Sala When you keep a pair of flats in your car, just in case.

Erin Moreau You know the taste of different hairsprays.

Lauren Mayer When you have color all over your arms and don't care when you go out that night. Battle wounds!

Lindsey Hernandez You've had the exact same conversation at least 5 times in one day.

Noelle Stepp You get excited when there is the exact amount of ounces of color that you need left in the tube of color that you grab to mix your formula.

Panache TheSpalon ‎You can pick out another hair stylist in a crowd in no time! (HIT NEXT FOR MORE!)

Kelsey L Fugett When you have to explain that those are not bruises on your forearms or that the little tiny black hairs on your face and chest are not from a late stage of puberty!

Tammy Pookie Tumlin When you go to the bank and realize you're still wearing your smock and all your clips are attached.

Anya Collier You haven't attended a friend's wedding purely as a guest.

Minister Christopher Leslie When all your bills are paid and you're still making money!

Corinne Burton When you are standing in a checkout line at a grocery store and all you can think about is how much hair that lady in front of you needs to cut off or what color you would change it to.

Candice L. Hayes When your hands are covered in V-shaped scars from point cutting a little too deep and your finger nails look brown the day after you get a manicure.

Pamela Cutler You go to work in the morning, booked back to back, still manage to work in a guest who needs you, you don't eat or pee all day, you go home at least 10 hours later with a smile on your face and in your heart—because you rocked out some amazing hair and made the people you touched feel like a celebrity—and you're ready again the next day! We are lucky!

Joelle Renee Azevedo When you forgot what its like to dream about anything other than hair!

Katie Liebert When you remember someone by their color formula.

Maria Witzke A stranger tells you they are cheating on their husband with his brother, you have color-stained fingernails, hair splinters in places no body would believe you could have a hair splinter and your best part of the day was when you made an unfortunate head of hair look gorgeous and put a big smile on your client's face.

Trichology Salon When you find a hair on your plate, set it aside, and keep on eating.

Jennifer Gray Lyons When you don't wash your hair for, oh, 3 or 4 days straight, and yet on that last "grungy" day  someone tells you they "love your hair"....haha that's when you know :) (HIT NEXT FOR MORE!)

Charles Ladner If you ever payed to the "Color God" in the backroom.

Jon Leufroy Artwork Your non-stylist father is evaluating people's cut and color on TV.

Clint Swart You end up hugging a lot of people after only meeting them once.

Jessica Bennett You can eat a large garden salad in three minutes flat!

Vonnie Dennee Law When you go to a drugstore and want to tell people in the shampoo aisle not to buy that crappy shampoo or to stop buying that box color!

Laura Nagel When you leave a trail of bobby pins every where you go.

Nellie Piña When your client calls that they are running 10 minutes late, and you THANK GOD because now you have 10 minutes to put food in your stomach!

Valerie Prieto When you can satisfy 10 women a day, a few men in between—without peeing or eating, and still keep smiling.... Men can barely handle one. ;-)

Andra Day You go to pay for something at the grocery store and hair is stuck to the bills you are paying with or my fav, lol, you never skip the ritual of dumping the hair out of your bra when you get home.

Shelly Beatty When you see everyone's hair as an open canvas and your feet hurt more after you sit down than they did when you were standing!

Beth Ciola When even at christmas your family has the nerve to ask, "Hey did you bring your scissors I could really use a hair cut."

Mara Daly Your hands look 40 years older than your face.

So, what about you? How would you finish the sentence, "You know you're a hair stylist when ________." Tell us on our Facebook wall and we'll feature the most "liked" answers in an upcoming episode of MODERN SALON TV!

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