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Oscars Red Carpet: Modern's Facebook Fans' Favorites

Jessica Galliart | February 27, 2012 | 11:33 PM

At this point in the annual awards season, it's usually pretty clear who the front-runners are and are going to be with each new red carpet. And although the usual suspects did, in fact, bring their A-game with edgy and elegant styles, a few best-dressed newcomers surprised us, and Modern's Facebook fans, with their head-turning looks. Here are a few of the most-liked 'dos spotted on the 2012 Oscars red carpet, according to social media.

Oscars Red Carpet: Modern's Facebook Fans' Favorites

Viola Davis

At first glance, it might be difficult to identify this award-winning actress who switched up her usual look for her first Academy Awards appearance (after being nominated for Best Actress). But Viola Davis told InStyle magazine she’s flirting with the idea of leaving her wigs at home and donning her natural hair more often, as suggested by her husband. “He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are!’ It’s a powerful statement.” Modern’s Facebook fans commented on her new ‘do,  pleasantly surprised:

“WOW - I didn't even recognize her at 1st with her hair like this. I LOVE that she wore her hair natural,” -Lauren E. Thompson.

Oscars Red Carpet: Modern's Facebook Fans' Favorites

Ellie Kemper

Another starlet who we did a double-take for? “Bridesmaids” and “The Office” co-star Ellie Kemper with her new, much heavier fringe. This the first time we’ve seen Ellie really shine on the red carpet, and the combination of her bangin’ blunt fringe and a stunning gown made her a hit with our Facebook fans:

“Gorgeous hair, gorgeous dress, gorgeous colors for hair & dress!” –Jane Kelly
“love that heavy fringe!!!!” –Chelsea Soudipour

Oscars Red Carpet: Modern's Facebook Fans' Favorites 

Rooney Mara

The “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” star didn’t disappoint with her now signature edgy style. Her straight-as-an-arrow fringe and pop of a red lip contrast with her flowy white gown in the best way possible, creating an oddly romantic overall look. What did our Facebook fans say?

“I love everything about this look. Think I am a bit biased though because I love the heavy bang look. Her choice of dress was perfect. Think this is my favorite of the night.” – Steph Hunt

“fresh and edgy , love it !” –Ewa Frye

Oscars Red Carpet: Modern's Facebook Fans' Favorites 

Milla Jovovich

Sultry, much? Noone does it quite like Milla Jovovich. The TK star brought her A-game to the Oscars red carpet with a classically chic gown paired with an old Hollywood hairstyle that stayed put throughout the evening. “Sexy,” “Best dressed” and “Perfect” were among the ways Milla’s look was described on Facebook on Sunday evening:

“My Fave pick of the night!!” –Lori Fangmeier

“Absolutely beautiful! Just perfection. The dress, hair, makeup, jewelry, shoot even the bag. Just perfect.” –Susan Deters

Oscars Red Carpet: Modern's Facebook Fans' Favorites 

Emma Stone

The jury may still be out on Emma Stone’s oversized bow, but most seem to be in agreement that “The Help” star’s hair and makeup were both flattering and befitting of her irresistible and universally likeable personality. Soft, subtle with a few slight twists in the form of a low-placed bun. Emma’s bright red bow may have been the center of attention, but Modern Facebook fans were still focused on her lovely hairstyle:

“Love Emma and this look” –Jayne Thompson-Chillo

“I love this, fits her personality.” –Steph Hunt

Oscars Red Carpet: Modern's Facebook Fans' Favorites 

Jessica Chastain

Emma Stone's "The Help" co-star was a favorite on the red carpet for her bold gown choice, but her half-updo helped to pull the entire look together effortlessly. Not only does her red color blend beautifully with her gown, but her piecy waves swept away from her face let her natural-esque makeup and bare decolletage lead the way. Our Facebook fans said:

"love her hair color with this dress!" -Bianca Seymour

"She cleans up well." -Vicki Smith Guffey

Oscars Red Carpet: Modern's Facebook Fans' Favorites 

Michelle Williams

Well, of course Michelle Williams made the list. She's been a reoccurring figure on all of this awards season's best-dressed lists and has been on our radar for quite a while for her lovely close crop. But the Best Actress nominee really won over stylists with this combination of her bright golden hue--previously a bit on the warmer side at past awards shows--and her flirty red gown. The styling of her 'do was also a bit different at the Oscars, a bit more mussed to the side than we've seen before. Check out what Modern's Facebook fans said:

"absolutely adorable and fresh as a daisy!" -Christine Ruggaber-Wood

"The color of her dress is simply stricking! Love the whole look." -Shar Turner


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