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SERIOUSLY Awesome Video About the Horrors of At-Home Color

Alison Alhamed | March 3, 2012 | 3:35 PM

Ok, if you haven't yet watched the video above, DO IT! Any colorist or professional stylist will definitely get a good chuckle!

The "Call A Hairdresser" video, virally making its way around social media, draws attention to the “horrors” of at-home hair color. In a campaign to educate consumers about the benefits of a professional hair color service, the "video spoof" portrayed in a Blair Witch format features clients sharing the "horror" of their at-home color mistakes. Watch it, share it with your staff, post it on Facebook and share it with your clients! 


1. A salon colorist is a professional, someone you can trust to independently assess what's right for you. With at-home color you have to put your trust in a box that doesn't know what processes your hair has been through over time. Nick Arrojo - ARROJO, NYC

2. You wouldn't do your own dental work or give yourself a tattoo, so why would you think it's okay to do your own hair color? John C. Simpson - Lewis Salon, Pittsburgh, PA

3. It's unpredictable! A professional colorist knows how to assess the other factors - starting level, grey coverage, texture etc. It's like an address with no directions; how can get to a destination if you don't know where you're starting? Deborah Gavin - Fresh Studio, Philadelphia PA

4. With a creative eye, knowledge and experience, a professional can create consistent and brilliant color results – a box has no eye, no knowledge, and no experience; it's a dump and hope approach. James Edick – ARROJO, NYC

5. Overlapping applications create damage and lackluster hair. A professional colorist knows how to apply so the end result is always even and can create signature looks to suit the individual. Rebecca Heile – Fresh Studio, Philadelphia, PA


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