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DJ Victory Reveals her Secret Pastel Color Formula!

Alison Alhamed | March 19, 2012 | 8:31 AM

DJ Victory Reveals her Secret Pastel Color Formula!When we posted this pic of MODERN Facebook fan DJ Victory, who we spotted at America's Beauty Show, thousands of our Facebook fans fell in love with her pastel color—and many more were very disappointed at her controversial decision to not share her trademark formula, though some praised her for keeping it a secret. "I can only imagine the amount of people who have been harassing her for this formula," said MODERN Facebook fan Jamie Rodman, who works with DJ at  Enzo's Salon and Spa in Cleveland, Ohio. "I was with her at America's Beauty Show and the amount of people who either A. took her photo or B. harassed her for the formula is UNBELIEVABLE. It is almost admirable that she is able to keep the secret."

WHY SHE KEPT HER FORMULA A SECRET FOR SO LONG: "I honestly didn't think it was that big of a deal. People, who weren't professional colorists, would ask me all of the time when I would be shopping or out to dinner, and I wouldn't tell them because they wouldn't understand anyways," DJ says. "I wasn't keeping it a secret to be 'mean' or anything—obviously a little bit of mystery raised some eyebrows. Also I felt like I hadn't perfected it. So after ABS and my photo being on MODERN's Facebook, I started to think about it some more. I went back to my salon and made some swatches of hair from some Level 10 extensions and experimented a little. I had six different formulas, with different application techniques, to different processing times. I FINALLY perfected it! The one I chose to feature below was the money ticket!

WHY SHE DECIDED TO REVEAL THE FORMULA: "I decided to share because I was surprised at how many people actually wanted to know—someone on MODERN's Facebook made a negative comment on me not being a mentor or an educator and even though I thought it was mean, after I thought about it I kind of figured they were right. I do want to help educate fellow stylists if I can, but, I am now working on my next secret formula!"

DJ Victory Reveals her Secret Pastel Color Formula!DJ Victory Reveals her Secret Pastel Color Formula!

Here it is!

Paul Mitchell The Color

1/2 oz. of HLP

1/2 oz. of UTP

6 violet shots

1 oz. of 10 vol. cream

"I only mix 2 oz. total at a time so as not to compromise the intensity of the violet pigment that the shots provide," DJ says.

Tip: To get this lavender color it's important that the hair it's being applied to is lightened to at least a level 10. "I love the Paul Mitchell DPL for lifting—the lighter the hair is prior to application the more intense the results will be," DJ says.

Step one: Apply the color scalp to ends on dry hair, then, let it process for 30 minutes.

Step two: After rinsing thoroughly, shampoo. Before you condition, do a clear shine using equal parts processing solution and clear shine. "You can add violet shots to this to enhance the color even more," DJ says. Then, condition with cool water. "I love Biomega Moisture shampoo and conditioner. It's amazing and it truly helps with maintaining the color."

At-home care: "I would recommend not shampooing the hair everyday to help keep the color vibrant," DJ says. "As it fades out, it fades to a beautiful, pale, silver/lavender color. I have my clients who get this color come in every 4 weeks.



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