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Cuccio Naturalé Announces Launches & Celebrates Continued Growth

Anne Moratto | March 23, 2012 | 10:43 AM


CEO of Star Nail International, Tony Cuccio, continues to grow Cuccio Naturalé, a nail, hand, and foot product line founded by Mr. Cuccio and his wife Roby in 1999.The upward progress of Cuccio Naturalé, including Cuccio Pro, has resulted in a demand for more space.

Cuccio recently purchased an additional building to add 40,000 square feet resulting in a combined total of 120,000 square feet between the two corporate buildings.

“This is a proud moment because our global distributors and our new lines have forced the need for more square footage,” says Cuccio.

The new corporate office and warehouse facility, also located in the Valencia Commerce Center in California, is designated for the expansion of Cuccio, providing additional space for a  lineup of launches expected this year. Of the products being added to the Cuccio franchise: Veneer, a soak-off LED/UV gel color; Cuccio Colour, an all-new line of professional lacquer engineered with pigment-perfected technology; Nail Solutions, a collection of eight nail treatments: and finally, an innovative line of essential pedicure and manicure products designed to treat, soothe, hydrate, and nourish with the all-natural benefits of Cuccio Naturalé.

Star Nail International / Cuccio Naturalé

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