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HOW TO…A Precision Bob

Maggie Mulhern | April 5, 2012 | 8:56 AM

Celebrity styist Laara K. Raynier is a master cutter and educator and is the host of her own Mastercutter Academy. Although based in NYC, she travels throughout the US and Canada to hold workshops and classes teaching and sharing with stylists her signature precision hair cutting techniques. Since the film “The Artist” came out, more and more of her clients are requesting a bob…and more and more of her hairdressing clients are asking for tips on to how to best achieve the look.

"It is by far the most classy, chic and timeless haircut and has always been a favorite with busy executives who want to look fabulous and stylish,” she says. “I have seen a huge demand for bobs over the past year and hair stylists need intensive training to execute this haircut. It is still the hardest haircut to do because it calls for meticulous precision technique.” Known for her hands on workshops, teaching bobs to stylists who are both junior and senior, Raynier has found “that the precision needed is hard for many to master.” In this video, Raynier offers a step by step demo, giving professional insight into her renowned technique.

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Industry News

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