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Met Ball 2012: Striking Styles

Jessica Galliart | May 8, 2012 | 7:50 AM

Ready for the gala to end all galas? Movie stars were made for events like Monday night’s pleasantly over-the-top Costume Institute Gala, more commonly known as the Met Ball. But while most were focused on the elaborate gowns and costumes strutted down the red carpet, we couldn’t take our eyes off a few of these standout styles. Check out which stars got gold stars for their daring hair.



Met Ball 2012: Striking Styles

Camilla Belle

If you can take your eyes off of Camilla’s glitzy, barely there gown, take note of how her burgundy lip and deep mahogany hair color beautifully complement her skin tone. Though we’ve seen a carefully low-placed bun many times on the red carpet this awards season, the soft kink in the front romanticizes the style just enough to create a strikingly sultry but sweet look.

Salon tip: Camilla’s overall style is sleek, but creating volume and body before pulling the hair back is key to keeping it from losing shape through the evening. Try a shine serum like HED-OVERDIRECT to create shine and polish while still maintaining volume throughout the top.




Met Ball 2012: Striking Styles


Back to black! Looks like Rihanna’s short affair with her blonde, Tina Turner shag was fleeting. Rootless and sporting a glowing but natural face, the pop star’s hair style did most of the talking, with two chignon-esque buns placed high in back and a pompadour piece in the front.

Salon tip: Your biggest enemy here? Frizz, of course. Liberally apply a shine spray or light, flexible hairspray to the pieces as you work, then give the entire updo a once-over after you’ve finished. Try Ouidad’s Climate Control Frizz and Flyaway Fighter.




Met Ball 2012: Striking Styles

Carey Mulligan

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but only one celebrity at the gala managed to pull off a dress made of metallic silver and gold scales. Carey swept her bright, golden, usually loosely worn pixie up and back on the sides to create a voluminous swoop up top. Her wave on top did, in fact, stay in place throughout the evening.

Salon tip: Use several products to create the desired contrast of a soft, seemingly loose wave on top and the firmly combed back sides. Musts: a light application of a glossy pomade and a firm styling spray, respectively, should do.




Met Ball 2012: Striking Styles


Coca Rocha

We love to see celebrities breaking down style barriers on the red carpet. This color combination on Coco’s romantic curls of a made in nature auburn with shockingly neon pink extensions worked through the ends is unexpected but definitely inspiring.

Salon tip: If extensions—the most painless and preferred way of achieving this look—are not an option for your client, suggest a hair chalking session or a temporary color rub.





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