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Travel Lightly: Purse-Sized Product Companions

Alison Alhamed | May 11, 2012 | 9:08 AM

The professional beauty industry is an international business that never stops—requiring frequent travel for editors as we cover events that happen around the country and, sometimes, the globe. While this is an enormous privilege and we have a blast zipping around, it can also be challenging given the carry-on restrictions.

With airlines cracking down on budgets, and with a hefty price tag to check a bag, I always try to fit all of necessities into a carry on.

Usually, I'm pretty good at being able to make my clothes and essentials fit, but, lately, the problem has been hair care products. It's not that I require so many that they don't fit in the carry on—it's the 3-ounce-or-less-containers-in-a-quart-sized-Ziplock-bag that's the problem! I like to have styling options, demanding different bottles for different finishes. I need a serum, cream and dry shampoo if I plan to wear my hair straight, and a smoothing cream, hairspray and volumizer if I plan to curl it. In other words, I am definitely a girl who appreciates a travel-sized bottle.

So, when I received the news that Oribe Hair Care has launched its new Purse-Size Sprays—I was so excited. Because, in addition to travel, I also LOVE to make sure I have my "touch-up tools" with me at all times in case a quick fix is needed while on the road. And, though my purses err on the side of large these days, it's ridiculous to lug around a huge bottle of hairspray.

Travel Lightly: Purse-Sized Product Companions

Oribe's new 2.2 fl. oz. bottles fit effortlessly into a purse, gym bag or plastic bag for travel—and are available in all the versatile styling products to help your clients (and you!) "brave the elements and keep your hair looking great wherever your days (and nights) may take you."

With long summer days right around the corner, and wedding and vacation season quickly approaching, there really isn't a better time to stock your retail shelves with these mini marvels.

Purse-Size Sprays include:

Dry, which of course contains the intoxicating Oribe fragrance the brand is known for, builds volume and texture. It also doubles as a dry shampoo—so the purse-size is ideal for times when your hair smells more like what you ate for lunch and less like the shampoo and stylers you used that morning.

Travel Lightly: Purse-Sized Product Companions Apres Beach wave and shine spray creates a tousled, beach-inspired finish "without the salty stiffness"—for a touchable, textured look.

Impermeable is an anti-humidity spray that is great for summer's upcoming stickiness or for rainy days. Impermeable fights humidity while adding light texture and—bonus—provides heat protection from thermal styling tools.

Superfine hairspray offers a medium hold that's easy to brush through and leaves hair soft to the touch.


So, what are your travel necessities? Are you  willing to fork over the luggage fees to bring along your favorite products while on the road? Tell us your product musts in the comments below!


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