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McIvor's Steps for Tie-Dye Hair

Patrick McIvor | May 11, 2012 | 9:10 AM

Love it or hate it, tie-dye hair is the new rage. Lauren Conrad, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have the trend down pat. Tie-dyed hair is similar to dip dyed hair, but it’s multi colored, and sometimes as in Katy Perry’s case, covers more than just the tips of the hair. Like most color trends, unnatural bright colors can be used for the more adventurous and natural tones can be used for a more subtle effect. And, for those who want to play around without coloring their hair, there are always extensions.

Here’s how it’s done.

1. Section hair and visually select the hair to tie-dye, clip the rest up.
2. Divide section as needed, apply Matrix V-Light De-Dusted Lightener to the bottom 3-5 inches of hair (or more, depending on desired effect) and wrap in foil.  
3. Continue working in fine sub-sections through selected sections until finished.
4. Remove foils once desired lightness is achieved, and rinse, shampoo and condition with Matrix Biolage colorcarethérapie.
5. Resection the lightened hair into smaller subsections that will be colored section by section into multiple different tones.  
6. Apply desired colors of Matrix Color.Sync Seamless Crème Demi-Color or Logics Imprint Demi-Permanent Haircolor to individual subsections and wrap in foil to keep the colors isolated. Let process. Note: It’s important to use multiple colors to create the tie-dye effect.
7. After processing, rinse foils one at a time until the water runs clear, shampoo, condition and style.

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