Millennium's Winners of The Experience Hair Show: See the Work!

Alison Alhamed | May 22, 2012 | 12:42 PM
Nelson Viera, Mary Herrera, Hi-Tech Paul Mitchell Partner School
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Amanda Alard, Stephanie Michelle Arronte, Hi-Tech Paul Mitchell Partner School
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Blaire Daniel, Paul Mitchell The School Tampa
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Jamie Haelterman, Ft. Myers Paul Mitchell The School
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Kari Yopp, Lucy Antill, Kaizen Beauty Academy
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Kristina Cedrone, Ft. Myers Paul Mitchell The School
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Elizabeth Culley, Michele Le, Paul Mitchell The School Tampa
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Nadia Alloul, Melissa Serrano, Kaizen Beauty Academy
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Raquel Levy, Mary Masarik, Kaizen Beauty Academy
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Gianny Alvarez, Denise Ruiz, Kaizen Beauty Academy
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THE EVENT: June 24 will welcome hundreds of salon owners, stylists, front desk staff and decision makers to the Doral Resort in Miami, Florida, for The ExperienceMillennium Software's annual user group conference.

THE SCOOP: “This conference will reflect on Millennium's 25-year history in the industry and the drive it took to get here—and it's important to remember the beginning," says Jennifer Martinelli, Millennium’s Marketing and Advertising Manager. To reflect back on where it all starts, Millennium reached out to local cosmetology schools for students to enter The Experience Hair Show Contest.

THE DETAILS: Partner up! Student stylists and make-up artists joined forces to create a modern '80s look on a model. Then, they had to snap a photo finish to be judged by Jason De La Torre, a Wella educator and platform artist of Flaunt Sessions advanced academy, and Alison Shipley, Editor of First Chair and MODERN SALON.

THE PRIZE: 10 teams of outstanding cosmetology students get to participate in a live runway show during the event under the creative direction of De La Torre, and Robert Cromeans, Global Creative Director of Paul Mitchell. Each team (some are doing hair and make-up, some have partnered up—based on submission) creates a head-to-toe modernized '80s look while incorporating a modern trend.

Each team will receive $100 toward creating their look—this can be used for wardrobe, accessories, etc. The goal is to be creative. Additionally, the students get to attend classes offered during The Experience—including classes taught by Tabatha Coffey, Ted Gibson, Cromeans and Matt Beck.

“These young professionals radiate so much passion, fight and drive that it brings us all back to that fresh start," Martinelli says. "Reminding us, yet again, why we love what we do. It’s truly an honor to be showcasing students.”



Kristina Cedrone

Ft. Myers Paul Mitchell The School

Jamie Haelterman

Ft. Myers Paul Mitchell The School

Elizabeth Culley, Michele Le

Paul Mitchell The School Tampa

Blaire Daniel

Paul Mitchell The School Tampa

Nelson Viera, Mary Herrera

Hi-Tech Paul Mitchell Partner School

Amanda Alard, Stephanie Michelle Arronte 

Hi-Tech Paul Mitchell Partner School

Raquel Levy, Mary Masarik

Kaizen Beauty Academy

Kari Yopp, Lucy Antill

Kaizen Beauty Academy

Gianny Alvarez, Denise Ruiz

Kaizen Beauty Academy

Nadia Alloul, Melissa Serrano

Kaizen Beauty Academy

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