June Bug - Summer Solstice How-to

Alison Alhamed | May 31, 2012 | 8:39 AM
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1. On dry, flatironed, smooth hair, begin the cut on the side along the parietal in the most dense area. Pull out one-inch horizontal sections. Cut to the desired length. Blend up to a top center parting.
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2. Cut around the ear, cutting from the back to the front.
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3. Brush the hair as it is to be worn. Chip into the ends of the fringe to the desired length.
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4. Now lift up a large section from the top of the head. Cut in to the ends for added texture and movement.
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5. Blend forward along the Mohawk section cutting the last inch using a 40-teeth texturizing shear.
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7. Then take the entire horizontal section, lift up with a comb and continue to remove the weight from the end with the texturizing shear.
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8. Drop the section and continue cutting with the texturizing shear, cutting to the desired weight along the weight line.
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6. Now take vertical sections form along the sides. Pull out. Cut 3-4 points from 1½ inches out from root to ends.
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A semi-permanent Davines shade of Mahogany was used to achieve the perfect balance of shine and depth. Fortier created a commercial shape with the focus on a heavy fringe. “She already had a basic shape but to give it a bit of an edge, I had to condense the round of the head and soften the edges with a weight line above the ear and fringe,” Fortier says.

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