Fairy Tale Weddings: Ornate Volume

Lauren Salapatek | June 8, 2012 | 8:29 AM

Your client’s wedding hair style could be the most photographed style they ever wear. Hair icon Vivienne Mackinder created these two styles using Simplicity Hair Extensions to add fullness and volume into the hair. “We really wanted to capture a lifestyle with these looks,” says Mackinder. “We did a trial run with the bride, looked at images and created a mood board. Photographic references are really important when you are creating bridal styles.”

Fairy Tale Weddings: Ornate Volume


1. Set the hair in vertical curls.

2. Finger tease the curls.

3. Gather hair and let it fall over the shoulder. Fasten into a ponytail.

Fairy Tale Weddings: Ornate Volume


1. Set the hair away from the face with hot rollers.

2. Back brush the hair to get fullness at the roots. “Stack and Pack” the hair to create a cushion, then brush hair away from the face.

3. Put hair into a rope and create a French Twist.

4. Push and pull the hair until it blooms.

5. Add a piece of jewelry. If you have heavy jewelry, try backcombing the hair for extra hold.


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