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Ask the Experts: Style Alterations

Lauren Salapatek | June 11, 2012 | 10:06 AM

Ask the Experts: Style AlterationsHow do you help a client prepare for a shift from short to long locks?

“The best way is to guide your client and inform them each step of the way,” says Keela Gajadha, educator for Great Lengths USA. The most important part is the consultation. By communicating the needs and demands of maintaining a beautiful set of extensions, you literally have to get down to the basics.

“Assume the client knows nothing about simply brushing long hair. A great tip during the consultation and the application of the extensions is to brush the hair so they can feel those bristles on the scalp. This will help them relate that feeling when they brush at home. Instill the importance of brushing at least three times a day, and brushing section by section. If your client has curly hair, have them brush once in the morning and once at night.

“It is also important to take into account the lifestyle of having long hair. Consider the activities they take part in or if they simply want to have their hair blow in the wind. Communicate the need to pull the hair back into a loose ponytail to avoid excessive tangling. Proper education is essential in ensuring satisfactory results to your client’s new look, and your relationship with that client.”


Ask the Experts: Style AlterationsBefore fulfilling a request for a dramatic color change, what questions do you ask?

“When a client asks for a huge change, the questions I ask depend on if they are a regular client or a new client,” says Pravana’s Artistic Director, Vadre Grigsby.

“If they are a new client, I ask about the services they’ve had before. Why did they leave their last stylist? Was it because their last stylist was hesitant to make a big change? If I’m in doubt about the accuracy of the information the client shares, I will start with Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor to cleanse the hair of prior color and start fresh!

“If a regular client asks for a completely different look, I start by discussing what’s going on in her personal life. A lot of times there could be a life-changing event that’s brought on the request. Losing a job, breaking up with a boyfriend or other stressful event might be a vehicle for change, but is it a change she will like a week from now? Is the change needed for financial reasons? If she gets back together with a boyfriend who hates red hair and she wants her blonde hair back, what will we do then? If after an honest conversation she really wants big change—GO FOR IT!”


Ask the Experts: Style AlterationsHow can stylists incorporate a nails update when executing a significant cut, color or texture makeover?

“Nails are the finishing touch to a style re-vamp,” says Arica Carpenter, brand manager for Cuccio Colours. “Shape the nails into a clean oval shape. It’s a perfect, timeless shape and it avoids chipping.

“If the style is neutral, try a bold splash of color in neons, brights, rich greens, blue or purple gem tones. For bold styling with tons of fashion-forward make-up, try nude shades. For a refined style, classic shades such as red, corals and pinks are best. Treat nails as an aspect of styling—paying attention to details is what completes a look.”

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