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Imperfect Form: Enchanted Beauty

June 27, 2012 | 1:38 PM
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1. Apply Colour Prime to hair and Aloxxi Barrier Cream at the hairline.
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2. Isolate a verticle section as shown from front perimeter through top to the crown, slightly off center part.
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3. Apply Formula A to mid-lengths on all remaining hair.
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4. Apply Formula B to the ends of all the remaining hair. Process 20 minutes.
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5. Apply Formula C to the base of remaining hair.
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6. Separate the sections with foil to prevent bleeding. Apply Formula D base to ends in the isolated section. Process. Rinse with warm water, emulsify. Continue to rinse until water runs clear. Apply ColourLock for two minutes. Rinse and style.
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Imperfect Form: Enchanted Beauty

Inspired by imperfect, organic forms that hold great depth of color (think the glass-like shine of sun on a wet, rough rock), Harmon delivered beautiful, glossy color on richly textured hair.

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Harmon's model had previously colored Level-4, fine-textured porous hair.

Formula A: Equal amounts 7RG and 7GR with 30 Volume
Formula B: 7GR+Kopper and Red Gem with 30 Volume
Formula C: Equal amounts 7RG and 7 GR with 20 Volume
Formula D: Chroma 4N with 10 Volume 1:1.5


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