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Color Blocking: Enchanted Beauty

June 28, 2012 | 9:10 AM
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1. Isolate a section as shown.
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2. Apply Formula A to the base of all the remaining hair.
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3. Apply Formula A to the base in the isolated section separated by fl atline foils.
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4. Use foil and feather in Formula B through mid-lengths to ends in this section.
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5. Apply Formula A to the mid-lengths and ends to all the hair not in the isolated section.
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6. Process according to manufacturer’s directions. Rinse until water runs clear. Apply ColourLock for two minutes, rinse.
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7. Apply Formula C as a toner to prelightened mid-lengths and ends in the isolated section. Process, then rinse until water runs clear. Apply ColourLock for two minutes and rinse. Style smooth with dryer and flatiron.
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Harmon's model had previously colored Level-4 strands with average texture and normal porosity. Harmon applied ColourPrime to the hair prior to sectioning to even out the porosity and prepare the hair for color.

Formula A: Chroma 5NT with 20 Volume 1:1.5
Formula B: White Lightener with 20 Volume 1:2
Formula C: TONES 7G with Volume 1:2

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