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2012 Cosmoprof Products

Valeria Fanelli | July 19, 2012 | 8:36 AM

MODERN is giving you a sneak peek at the products you can expect to see at the 2012 Cosmoprof North America show. See below.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products

ESSIO Aromatherapy for the Shower allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in the comfort of their shower, uses 100% USDA-certified, organic essential oils sourced sustainably from around the world and turns the everyday shower into a relaxing and revitalizing experience. Essio consists of a simple armature, which clips onto a standard shower-pipe. Disposable pods containing the essential oil blends snap into the armature. Each pod is good for approximately 25 minutes of shower aromatherapy. 
 2012 Cosmoprof Products UniqOne is an all-in-one leave in mask that offers 10 benefits for hair with a paraben-free formula. It works on wet hair for smooth, silky and protected hair, or on dry hair as a style refresher for a long lasting silky finish.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products Artist Club SS Razors are made with stainless steel to enable smooth shaving. A newly-shaped tip provides a close and smooth shave with moderate blade exposure. The rounded tip of the razor gently pushes the hair up to allow the blade to get closer to the skin.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products DU BOA Brush (Model DU-100) features bristles with no sharp flanges to snag or cut the hair while brushing. Additionally, the base of the brush offers a special-grade rubber that gives the bristles the flexibility to pull through the hair effortlessly – and the bristle tips do not come off easily.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products It Factor's Quick BlowDry Extra Moisture Conditioner is ideal for dry, damaged hair. This conditioner is formulated with It Factor's proprietary VaporBoost system to reduce drying time. At the same time, it detangles hair, leaving it soft, bouncy, smooth and shiny. Extra Moisture Conditioner is safe for color-treated and chemically straightened hair, and free of sulfates, paragons, sodium chloride, alcohol and gluten.
 2012 Cosmoprof Products Technofruit color uses the innovative Keratin Delivery System to transfer the color pigments, Keratin and the other highly effective special ingredients deep within the hair shaft to guarantee excellent cover and maximum chromatic expression. All the Technofruit color shades are easily intermixable made to measure color expressions for each and every client.
 2012 Cosmoprof Products Eufora Intl. Beautifying Elixirs feature nine products that contain Eufora’s proprietary technologies Damage Cure Complex and Vibrant Color Complex. The Damage Cure Complex repairs structural damage to the hair from the inside out by penetrating deeply into the inner and outer hair cuticle and hair shaft to restore lipids. Once structural damage is repaired, color can better bond to the hair. Eufora’s Vibrant Color Complex protects chemically processed or natural hair color from fading with the most powerful and scientifically proven antioxidant and UV protection in hair care.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products Keratherapy launches Color Lock & Smooth, a 2 in 1 leave-in spray that works double duty to lock color and smooth frizz quickly and easily as an express keratin treatment. Color Lock & Smooth is infused with pure-keratin, collagen, argan oil and natural fruit acids to instantly seal color, prevent color fading, fight frizz, and achieve healthy luster and high impact shine for up to 30 days.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products Sport Unisex Daily Tan is formulated for people with an active lifestyle. It contains two tanning agents which work with the skin’s own melanin to gradually build a natural looking tan. Naturally-derived tyrosine and hyaluronic acid work to keep the skin hydrated, toned and moisture while the super-antioxidant green tea helps combat free-radicals that can cause premature ageing.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products 60 Minutes Self Tan is an express, self-tanning liquid which develops into a natural looking tan in just 60 minutes. Accelerators speed up the development time and a golden glow can be reached in an hour. This lightweight, fast drying formula is non-sticky and does not clog the pores.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products Swimmer Wellness Kit by Malibu is a gentle restorative system that nourishes, strengthens and protects while preventing damage and discoloration caused by exposure to pool, spa or ocean water. It naturally removes damaging mineral deposits and toxins left on hair from pool, spa or ocean water and effectively lifts out green discoloration by removing copper build-up. It restores manageability, vibrancy and moisture and adds unmatched shine, flow and movement of hair.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products ECRU New York Luxe Treatment Shampoo is a nutrient-rich cleanser that bathes hair in moisture as it cleans and hydrates. High potency vitamins and nutrients combined with essential amino acids promote healthy hair and scalp. Antioxidants, soy bean lipids and gardenia flower extract balance moisture retention, increase elasticity and protect hair from chemical and thermal abuse. ECRU New York Protective Silk Conditioner is a 60 second treatment that immediately improves the texture and appearance of all hair types. Panthenol, sunflower oil and hydrolyzed wheat proteins thicken and repair dry, damaged hair while healing and protecting the scalp. ECRU New York Sea Clean Shampoo has a fresh, clean, rich lather that gently cleanses the hair and scalp. Marine botanicals and algae extracts combined with silk and wheat proteins smooth and hydrate the hair while providing protection against split ends.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products ECRU New York Acacia Protein Oil is an ultra-light, multi-functional styling and treatment oil formulated with patented Acacia Collagen for moisture retention. It protects against heat damage during styling, reduces drying time, eliminates frizz, and helps to mend split ends for hair that’s incredibly smooth with brilliant shine.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products New Flawless by Macadamia Natural Oil is a daily shampoo ritual that provides a soothing scalp massage, gentle cleansing and conditioning, and faster drying due to a new technology that hastens the water evaporation process. With no harsh sulfates and zero surfactants, Flawless gently rids hair of dirt and debris while restoring its bounce, shine and vitality with a technologically advanced blend of botanicals, active ingredients and emollients that gently cleanse and condition without stripping hair.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products The new Barber Combo Clipper/Trimmer Kit from Andis Professional is a dynamic duo with an high-speed, adjustable blade professional heavy duty clipper and a smooth running motor that runs quiet. A single lever adjusts the carbon-steel blade from fine to coarse to cut wet or dry hair.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products Graff*Etch was created to combine graffiti art and barber etchings. Graff*Etch color pencils are used to color in the hair to make hair art designs stand out.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products Zerran introduces APS Resistance Protective Crème, a professional water-soluble shield that protects the client’s scalp and skin during chemical processes. The crème creates a zone of protection, allowing the color, perm, bleach or relaxer to work on hair exactly where it’s applied, but repelling it wherever the crème protects the skin. After the process is completed, the crème is effortlessly wiped or rinsed away. This 100 percent vegan formula is water soluble, non-greasy and fragrance-free.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products Luxurious Fall Color Collection by Luxe Lady is a range of rich and modern shades for a rich excess of color on lids, cheeks and eyes. Dare Bold Holiday Glamour is a collection of highly pigmented colors that gives the power to dazzle and shine.
 2012 Cosmoprof Products Eurisko Design launches The Vega Station, available as a wall or double sided station and a wall mirror. It is 34" wide by 72" high with tool cabinetry in laminates or lacquered finish.
 2012 Cosmoprof Products White Sands announces the addition of Orchid Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner to their current line of salon hair cleansing products. Orchid Bliss utilizes the anti-aging characteristics and mineral richness of the orchid flower to support color retention with a sulfate-free formula while providing strand revitalization and cuticle nutrition all in one.

2012 Cosmoprof Products

Hair Loss Control Clinic’s new CompleteLash accelerator will increase the length, thickness and fullness of eyelashes and eyebrows in only four to six weeks. In addition, it will also prevent and repair damage to eye lashes and eye brows caused by cosmetics or environmental influences. CompleteLash high performance serum will prevent breakage of the eyelashes and help grow back lashes over time. Natural botanicals, vitamins and nano-peptides combine to condition and improve flexibility for fuller and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products Kitoko Protein Additive is the newest product from Affinage Salon Professional that promotes healthy, vibrant hair. A powerful serum is designed to infuse the hair structure with protein and nutrients when added to bleach or hair color. It contains a fortifying blend of fig, oat, sea kelp, green tea and Karite as well as the brand’s electron acceptor technology.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products G, The Body Art Professional uses a new technology in body art stencils and allows beauty professionals to apply extensive detailed body art in the treatment room and to up-sell at every station. G uses a refined cosmetic grade glitter, allowing the tattoos to lie flat to the skin and providing a smooth soft finish with the perfect amount of glimmer. G’s tattoos last up to seven days and are water proof. G’s Body Glue is patent pending, latex free, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.
 2012 Cosmoprof Products

 Verge by One Bubble Wand has perfected the "imperfect curl" with a uniquely shaped bubble wand design with all the power and ease of use of a regular curling iron. It seatures ceramic NG technology, non-slip counter rest, cool touch tip, short clip to keep hair in place, and it heats up to 375 degrees F.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products The new NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Professional Shaper Brush Collection is a square-shaped brushes’ collection that combine the latest technologies to create the most advanced professional hairbrush. The square-shaped barrel offers the users very useful features such as greater tension control. The flat sides of the brush barrel are perfect for straightening the hair.  The rounded edges of the square-shape can be used to add volume, waves or creating flips.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products (re)FRESH Dry Shampoo is Robanda new line of dry shampoo. Available in two scents, the lightweight formula turns lifeless, flat hair into clean looking and smelling with a quick spray all over the scalp. Both scents come out of the can clear, great for dark hair or dark roots.
2012 Cosmoprof Products

A revival from the past, Model 10 is a special edition launch. Only 5000 will be issued and will include certificates of authenticity. Each clipper will be numbered to match the certificate. This clipper uses a high efficiency, high power motor, detachable blade system, replaceable dual carbon brushes, one speed easy-to-use toggle switch, reinforced power cord and a one-year limited warranty.

2012 Cosmoprof Products

New Bain de Terre Argan Oil & Passion Flower Color Therapy Styling Oil boosts the brilliance of color-treated hair with just a few drops. The weightless, alcohol- and paraben-free formula is infused with argan and passion flower oils, designed to instantly deliver increased shine and manageability to color-treated hair.

 2012 Cosmoprof Products

Brazilian Heat 1875 Watt Ion Salon AC Motor Dryer features 1875 Watts for full professional power, a lightweight AC longer lasting motor, a ionic generator to dry hair faster with less damage resulting in healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

2012 Cosmoprof Products

ColorProof’sCrazySmooth System transforms color-treated hair in need of luxurious smoothing into healthy, vibrant, extremely shiny, smoothassilk hair. CrazySmooth’s formulas include breakthrough ingredient technology to deliver frizz control, manageability and thermal and color protection. Ultra smoothing infusion of Argan Oil, Abyssinian Oil, seaweed and shea butter enriches hair with vital nutrients and potent antioxidants essential for smoothing, defrizzing and extreme shine. 

2012 Cosmoprof Products

VIA introduces the new VIA Classic Shear Series. This collection of shears includes the Classic Seamless Blending/Finishing Shear that allows the shear to cut more smoothly with no lines because no two hairs are cut to the same length.

2012 Cosmoprof Products

Bioken Inc. introduces Bioken Enfanti Curly Shampoo. This sulfate, paraben and DEA free cleanser is gentle, color-safe and moisture balancing. The rich formula provides curl-enhancing properties to create body and bounce.

2012 Cosmoprof Products

BIO IONIC announces the launch of the new Agave Smoothing brand. Frizz-fighters looking for a temporary smoothing experience use the healing oil treatment, or for longer lasting results that lasts up to 12 weeks.

2012 Cosmoprof Products

Cinderella Hair Strips are designed to give volume and length in about one hour or less. Each Cinderella Hair Strip is 3” wide and secured in place with an I-Link.

2012 Cosmoprof Products

At this year’s Cosmoprof show, Spilo Worldwide will be celebrating their 70th anniversary. Great show deals and gift bags for customers. Visit booth D21251 to join in the celebration.

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