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Bringing Home The Gold

Danielle Keasling | August 10, 2012 | 6:57 AM

Bringing Home The GoldAfter 13 years in the hair industry and always thinking about doing hair for print, runway, and even the occasional celebrity, I finally got serious and signed up for ARTIST SESSION. My routine before ARTIST SESSION involved 12 hour work days trying to maintain my existing cliental, owning a salon, and being an educator for Matrix. For most people this is enough, but I still dreamed of being involved in session work.

I already did plenty of local work, I just had no idea where to start outside of South Carolina and Savannah, GA. So after finding out about ARTIST SESSION I signed up and I took my first class back in October 2011. What an event! In two days I got answers to all my questions! It was the most excited I have been in a long time about a photoshoot! Amazing talent filled the room. NAHA winner Jake Thompson was worked next to me. World renowned photographer Roberto Ligresti was so helpful in teaching the ins and outs from the photographers eye and helping pick perfect models, and to watch David Maderich work is truly magical. All this energy in one room! Then you have the guidance and a wealth of knowledge and information coming at you from Maggie Mulhern, the Beauty and Fashion Director of Modern Salon Media. How can this environment not be addicting!?

Bringing Home The GoldI found myself back up in New York City the following April at the very next ARTIST SESSION. Again, an amazing experience. It's just the most infectious energy ever! You're networking with stylists from all over the country! Some people are existing session artists, and other have never done a shoot before. You become friends and the way everyone supports each other is awesome. For the second session we had the pleasure of meeting Sam Villa, truly one of the nicest educators ever! He personally helped anyone in the room that asked, working with each until that artist fully understood and felt confident in what he or she was doing. From this ARTIST SESSION came my gold medal! I listened to the advice I was given and created a advant garde yet still beautiful look.

On August first I came home from my work day and opened up my Modern Salon email to read the latest issue. There it was! My work on the front cover!!!

What a moment that was. A gold medal moment to be exact. If you have any interest at all to do session work, ARTIST SESSION is a must for you. It has changed my life. I still own a salon and I still work 12 hour days however many doors have opened for me and its given me confidence in my work. It has also help establish my salon in my community as being the best around. The information you learn from the ARTIST SESSION team will change your life too. Hope to see you at the next one. It’s October 1 and 2. I'll be there!

Bringing Home The Gold


The next ARTIST SESSION will be held October 1 and 2 in NYC. There are just a few spots open. For more information, please click on the link below, or contact Joyce Alverio:  [email protected] or 800-621-2845

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