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1. Round brush the hair smooth. Begin curling the hair in the back. Take one inch horizontal sections and pull out. Using a one-inch conical iron. Begin the wrap at the center and largest part of the conical iron. Wrap toward you, working down the iron.
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2. Continue wrapping to the end of the section to the smallest part of the iron. Slide out and allow the section to hang naturally. Continue working up the head, slightly angling the iron diagonally along the top sections.
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3. Once the hair is cooled, take a few drops of an argan oil blend and rub into the palms of the hands. Rake through the top surface of the hair. Have the client lean forward and continue to deposit the oil through the back strands while breaking up the curl.
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4. Now take a small section from the top of the head. French braid down along the rounds of the head, keeping below the parietal. Continue back to the ear and then pull out and fi nish the braid.
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5. Repeat on the opposite side.
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6. Now take both braids and secure at the back of the head with a band.
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7. Return to the front. Using the end of a tail comb, lift the surface along the top, adding height where desired.
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