El Perro Ate My Homework: Advice on Time Management

Carlos Valenzuela | August 31, 2012 | 3:55 PM

 Remember the song, Mañana, mañana is good enough for me?In some places in Latin America and the Pacific Islands, life moves at a different pace and meeting times are meant to be fuzzy. I wonder, does the Latino tarde tag imply little respect for others and that Latinos are basically lazy?

 Mi papa (a cattleman in 1950’s Mexico) would say, “If you are not fifteen minutos antes, you are tarde,” followed by some ejemplo about a tree that grew crooked and could never be fixed, ay, bueno. I admit being fastidioso about time. I stress when running late (now would not be a good momento to ask Carlos, I overhear). I pace and sweat when an audience waits and something delays the start of my program. If you were in the audience, know I was ready to go una hora before start time. Promesa.

El Perro Ate My Homework: Advice on Time Management

It’s muy malo, malo when your tardiness affects others. Salon clientes are polite, but, don’t be tonto, they are muyt icked when you run late. And, they will enjoy your fabuloso skills, just until they find anotherprofesional who knows how to mange time. If you say you will see a client at a certain hora, you have essentially made them a promesa. If you are late, you have broken that promise. And, if you already enjoy a mañana reputation, your confirmed the rumor, (I knew it would be like this). “If he is careless about time, Dios mio, what else is he careless about?”

Its tough to look SPA-calmado after pacing inside el tren or riding someone’s bumper, speeding through escuela zones, cursing at red lights, followed by apologetic prayers pleading for no policia sightings.

 Do salon professionals suffer from  “magical thinking ” syndrome?
(The belief that one can get lots of things done in record time) This is a common delusion held by optimistas and leads to “displaced understanding syndrome” (clients will believe any excuse). Por favor, they don’t believe nor understand, they hate it, and are only being polite.

 If you notice, clients walk in, and they check to see donde you are, and how along you are with your current servicio. They are attempting to size up your temperamento and paso, after all; soon you will apparently determine their destino. Fear sets in when you are tarde, “He will not be able to do it correcto. She will rush through my foils.”

For all the hard work and challenges you have gone through to get where you are, don’t you feel you are so fabulously worthy of respect? Don’t give anyone an opening. Always play your A game. Being on time is a way to bolster your image and self esteem. (Consequently get higher tickets??) Some people have a knack for coming up with fabulous excuses (truth not in play) about owning a dog with a ravenous appetite for index paper. I trip myself up when I stretch the truth. Besides, I don’t have a dog. Get a good reloj.


Carlos Valenzuela is a licensed instructor and holds a Masters in International Management. He is a consultant on Latino outreach and marketing,  a cosmetologist, educator, author and motivational speaker.

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