What’s in that Drawer? A Client’s Perspective on Sanitation.

Carlos Valenzuela | September 26, 2012 | 8:42 AM

I don’t really have time to be nosey.  A fleeting wonder might be possible, but not the time to plan and investigate something that is nada of my business. Unless,  of course, I am getting a haircut. Each time my stylist opens that top cajón, I want to see what’s in there. I am not sure porque. I just can’t resist the urge.

What’s in that Drawer? A Client’s Perspective  on  Sanitation.

 At first I thought it was curiosity like at the doctor’s office, when I constantemente wonder what invasive implement may come at me from any drawer. Nope, my salon drawer obseción is plain and simple nosiness.

Needing justification for my lack of respeto of other’s privacy, I sought the opinion of otros. And, apparently lots of people wonder about hairdresser drawers.

“Querido, once, only once, did I not pay atención, and suddenly I had bangs,” said Maria del Carmen, holding her mano flat to her forehead as if protecting it, “ I keep an eye on what might be coming out of those drawers.”

 “Pero, maybe you looked hot.”

  “Hot? I looked like Miss Piggy for tres months. Besides, I didn’t want them!” she barked (for real), apparently reliving the momento.

And, the muchachos peek in your drawers, too. Men claim to be checking for cleanliness. Right. This is incredible since my sobrinos recycle almost anything (cucharas, sábanas, tee-shirts, papertoallas, and that one sheet of paper where everything goes) to avoid cleaning anything.

 Salon clients provided me with the following list of items seen in hairdresser’s drawers: toothless combs (pet peeve of mine), uncapped lipsticks, loose tic-tacs, cologne (Latinos love perfume), a solitary Alka-Seltzer foil (hot sauce reflux), postage stamps, Tums, rubber bands, hairpins, (these last two strewened confetti style), half a taco, tampons, tissues that either have or have not been used (tough to call this one), a cepillo de dientes, an orange and, of course, hair, in some cases lots of it.

Travel allows me to get my hair cut in many different salons. I love being anonymous in a salon somewhere, sort of like the Mystery Shopper. So, be forewarned: I will sneak a glimpse at your drawers every time you crack one abierto. You open a drawer, mis ojos  are on it, you look up, I look away, you look away, and I go back to the drawer. This goes on and on during the entire salon visita. Watch for it.

 One solution could beto open and close the drawer repeatedly, this accion would certainly throw me off. Or maybe catch me off guard and launch a quick open/close surprise ataque on the drawer. You could also shield the drawer with your body, making me really curioso about what you could be hiding in there (don’t try this last one).

 The best solution might be to keep fewer items in those top two drawers. I bet you could go in mañana and remove most of the cosas you have in these drawers. A little fall cleaning prior to the busy holiday fiestas might be in order.

Aside from your talent and customer service skills, cleanliness is the most highly ranked benefit to clients. And, cleanliness, Sister Maria Asunción would say, is next to Godliness. The good Sister may not have been always right, but she was scary enough for you to practice and endorse instantly.

Hasta Pronto,


 Carlos Valenzuela is president of Carlos Valenzuela Resources, LLC, holds a Masters in International Management; he is a consultant on Latino marketing, a licensed instructor, author, and motivational speaker.

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