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Afterglow: Creating Neon Yellow Hair Using Paul Mitchell Color

Alison Alhamed | September 27, 2012 | 2:23 PM
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1. Hair is prelightened with Dual-Purpose Lightener mixed with 20-volume developer. Create a horseshoe section from the temple area and high crown.
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2. Split the back section in half. Start with the back left panel. Outline the section. Take diagonal partings starting below the crown and apply peach formula, scalp to ends. Comb through for maximum saturation. Finish application through side of face.
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3. Move to the front/ fringe area and apply the strawberry formula from hairline to zigzag parting and onto a foil. Cover with foil.
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4. Create a large C-shaped parting at the fringe. Take 1/8-inch sections and apply mellow yellow formula onto foil from base to ends. Continue through the entire section.
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5. Cover the section with foil and create a small semi-circle about ½ inch wide. Apply strawberry formula and cover with foil. Continue using semi circle partings alternating peach and mellow yellow and separating with foil. Leave the fi nal section out.
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6. The fi nal section will be the crown area tilted at a different angle from the mellow yellow. Place foil at lower crown area on top of peach base color. Bring crown section down and apply strawberry formula onto foil. Process according to manufacturer directions.
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Afterglow: Creating Neon Yellow Hair Using Paul Mitchell Color

Cut: Jake Khan for The Mastery
Color: Jamie Anderbery for The Mastery
Photography: Mike Cooke
Make-up: Stephanie Floyd
Art direction: Lucie Doughty

Summer is over—and the change in seasons welcomes a change in hair color. Blondes transition to richer tones, brunettes may go a bit darker, and reds tone down the brightness. But one look at the runways indicates that color pops are here to stay. Lucie Doughty, Paul Mitchell Editorial Director, and the team from The Mastery of Jake Khan and Jamie Anderbery was inspired by these color pops and transitioning the infl uence to reflect an autumn by using Paul Mitchell The Color combinations of Mellow Yellow, Peach and Strawberry.

“This is a way to have your blondes experiment with trends and tone down their summer pale blondes,” says Doughty, who art directed the shoot.

Peach: 2 oz Honey Beige Flash Finish + 3 orange color shots + 2 yellow color shots + 1 drop of red
Strawberry: 2 oz Strawberry Flash Finish + 3 red color shots
Mellow Yellow: Equal parts yellow and clear Ink Works + 4 drops of Blue


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