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Role Models: Neomi Roberson

September 28, 2012 | 6:42 AM
A self-described tomboy and a mother of two boys, Neomi Roberson never imagined a suggestion from her husband would lead her to high-flying success in the beauty industry.

Q. How did you get your start in the industry?

A. By accident. I needed a job right away and my now-husband knew someone at Sephora. I applied for a cashier position and got it. From there, a manager recommended that I get my esthetics license to work in the skin care department. I took her advice, put myself through school and became the lead for skin care in that location. I then was recruited by an upscale day spa in Houston, as an assistant manager, make-up artist and esthetician. I come from San Benito, Texas, a small town in the Rio Grande Valley; even if you are from a small country town, it doesn’t mean you can’t become something.

Q. How did you become involved with NovaLash?

A. The owner of Novalash was a client of the spa, and we became friends. She started telling me about the company. The spa I worked at was one of the first to carry NovaLash. After six months of working in the spa and for NovaLash, I left to start my own business, Beauty’s Angels, doing primarily make-up and eyelash extensions [Roberson also offers waxing and facials]. I’ve owned the business for two and a half years, and I just recently became a distributor for NovaLash, with trainers and sales reps working for me in other parts of country.

Q. What have you learned from owning your business?

A. It’s not as easy or as glamorous as people think. It is high risk, high reward. When you’re successful, you take more pride in it. I’ve learned to be more patient and understanding. I’ve also grown up, and learned that if you’re too nice, people take advantage of you. You have to be firm with people.

Q. What’s your favorite part of the job?

A. After I apply lashes, seeing how women fall in love with them. It feels good knowing they’re satisfied with my work. Also, as a trainer for NovaLash, knowing that I can pass along what I do and knowing that it has made someone else successful—that’s rewarding to me.

Q. What’s the hardest part?

A. Traveling and being away from my family and my boys. It’s hard, but my husband helps and he’s very understanding and supportive.

Neomi Roberson
Beauty’s Angels
Houston, Texas

vocation: Make-up artist and licensed esthetician
age: 26
years in business: 7
specialty: Eyelash extensions and make-up
products: NovaLash, Airbrush Make-up, Temptu, AirFlare, Ultimate Face Cosmetics
favorite products: Bliss, Kerstin Florian, Eminence Organics
favorite spa service: Massage
advice for new estheticians: Don’t give up! Just keep going, know your products and be confident in what you’re doing. You’re going to have some slow times, but you need to be there and get it while the getting is good, so don’t ever stop.
what inspires you: The owner of NovaLash, Sophie, is in her 30s, and her business is doing so well. Today there is so much opportunity for women. My sons also inspire me. My son tells me he’s going to own his own company some day, too.
favorite way to unwind: Playing with my kids, biking and hiking. My other outlets are reading a good book or watching a good movie.
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