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Winners of the Revitalight Skin Care System

September 28, 2012 | 6:43 AM
Cathy Boyd and Katie Phelan co-owners of Preferred Skin Solutions in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are winners of a free Revitalight Skin Care System.
This past summer, renew was proud to partner up with Revitalight to give one deserving spa the chance to increase their business with a free Revitalight Skin Care System. We received nearly 100 entries and spent hours reading through each and every story.

After much debate, we were able to choose a winner: Cathy Boyd and her sister, Katie Phelan, co-owners of Preferred Skin Solutions in Tulsa, Oklahoma! We all loved their mission in the skin care industry, and having just opened in March of this year, this will hopefully give them the boost they need to keep sharing with their community. Below you’ll find an excerpt from Boyd’s winning essay:

“I don’t know that my sister, Katie, and I deserve to win more than anyone else, but we do see our small business as not so much a way to get wealthy, but as a way to bring the awesome feelings of confidence and emotional wellbeing that come from being pampered and having your face look the best it possibly can, to all people—regardless of social class or financial abilities.

Since becoming estheticians, we have been amazed by the number of people who do not know what an esthetician is or even what a facial treatment is. And the few who had heard of it feel like it is something only “wealthy” people deserve! Katie and I decided to make it our mission to ensure that these services are made available at our studio to people of all social and financial classes.”

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