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Renew How-To: Sea Salt Glow Body Exfoliation

September 28, 2012 | 6:44 AM


company: Cures by Avancé/800-777-SKIN (7546)

target conditions: Great pre-treatment to spray tanning, or dry, dehydrated skin.


service summary:

1. Have client lie on his/her side, facing away from you. Use three drops of Anti-Stress Remedy and lightly massage up the spine. Then, have client roll onto his/her back.


2. Begin dry brushing, starting at the feet and working upwards.


3. Begin application of Sea Salt Glow mixed with Massage Oil, starting at feet and working upwards, only undraping the part of the body that you are working on. Note:  Exfoliation does not require deep pressure. 


4. Upon completion of full body exfoliation, remove product from feet with warm hand towels (to prevent slipping), and have client shower off product. (You may use the Vichy Shower at this time, or continue to remove product with warm towels.)


5. Finish by applying Hydrating Body Silk mixed with Skin Repair Body Mist.


recommended pricing strategy: $75-$150

treatment duration: 60 minutes

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