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October 1, 2012 | 1:38 PM
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1. Shampoo hair four times and rinse thoroughly. Blow dry completely, then section hair in quadrants.
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2. Mix the two formulas in separate bowls. Create ¼ inch sections.
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3. Apply the Plus formula from base to line of ombre color.
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4. Apply the Original formula to the color-treated ends.
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5. Cover with plastic cap and let saturate for 15–20 minutes.
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6. Blow dry away from the face until 100-percent dry.
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7. Now flatiron hair in ¼ inch sections. Start at the base with a higher heat 450º F cure tool. Swipe each section four times to the line of ombre color. Finish the ends with an iron set at 400º F. Again, swipe the hair four times.
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8. For the client not wanting to show parting, direct top sections forward to prevent any definition. While curing look for three Ss: Slip Shine and Static.
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9. Continue to switch to the cooler iron on color-treated ends.
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Hair: Jackie Brode
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Make-up: David Maderich
Fashion styling: Davis Carrasquillo

“With smoothing treatments we have to realize that not one size fits all,” says Jackie Brode, American Culture platform artist. “Clients usually have multiple textures, highlights or block color which makes customizing more important than ever. Each area must be treated with its own unique formulation.”

For this session, Brode selected a model with ombre coloring to demonstrate how to best serve a client with this trendy color design. “Two treatments are used here. The key is mixing formulas and irons. For the client with multi-textured or lifted ends, one formula is used to protect the more fragile area.”

Brode chose the Pure NV BKT Plus on the virgin hair and the Pure NV BKT Original for the more porous, colortreated ends. “The goal is to offer this client what she wants: frizz-free hair and softer, controlled curl. This treatment will last from three to four months.”


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