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Ask the Experts: Color into Cash

Lauren Salapatek | October 1, 2012 | 1:55 PM

Ask the Experts: Color into CashHow would you upsell a treatment (hydrating, color boosting, clarifying) before a color service?

> “For the last decade, experts have been advising salon professionals with phrases such as ‘value added’, ‘upsell’ and ‘add-on services.’ Malibu C has brought all these business concepts together with a technology that is current and relevant to the client and salon color services,” says Trisha Kemp Rice, Director of Business Development at Malibu C. “Malibu MakeOver for severe client-hair conditions is a simple, yet important first step in hair color. The results are visible, but how do salon professionals change the way they have been approaching hair color so their clients embrace the change and desire the new approach? Here is a scenario that is becoming more common in salons that use Malibu C:

A client calls for a color appointment and the front desk staff asks if she would like her usual color service or the salon’s Signature Color service. The staffer describes the difference: ‘We still offer the usual color, but we continue to see how many clients’ water used to shampoo at home combined with their lifestyle, affects their color, so now we offer a special Malibu C MakeOver Treatment before the service to prepare the hair for color. We can better guarantee the color is exactly what you want with no surprises, plus the color will remain vibrant longer.’

“This approach almost always works, as clients want the best and now that you have placed the responsibility of any color challenges on their water and lifestyle, they feel more a part of the color process and success.”

Ask the Experts: Color into CashHow would a stylist boost a color ticket using the Scruples' Self-Tour of Hair Color consultation as a service?

> “When a stylist uses Scruples’ Self-Tour of Hair Color consultation (The class is a two-day hands-on program that teaches a stylist a unique consultation system that allows them to customize their color.), they start by looking at the skin tone, eye color, face shape, facial features and personality of the client,” says Amie Breckenridge Goltz, director of field education and Scruples Academy in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area. “After establishing the basics and talking with the client, the stylist selects the right color and placement that will ultimately create the most balance. Most clients choose the wrong color for their skin tone. With Self-Tour clients are treated as individuals and they love that someone is taking the time to explore what works (and what doesn’t) and customize color and placement specifically for them.

“This allows the stylist to open the door to suggesting services to the client they may have never experienced before, such as adding highlights to open up or elongate a wider face shape or lowlights to minimize or soften a longer face shape or strong features. In addition, the stylist can suggest a change to the base color to better suit their skin tone, or use block coloring in several different shades, which can change a look quickly without foiling. When a client understands the right color and the correct placement can truly change how they look and feel, they are more willing to add on color services than they have before. Scruples looks at this as a journey that keeps your clients coming back to consult with their stylists as trends change, but still following the main principles of the Self-Tour of Hair Color to work with what they need. This is also a great way to continue to increase the color ticket each and every time the client is in the salon.”

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