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Double Booked

Michele Musgrove | October 3, 2012 | 10:34 AM

This month, you and the rest of the salon world start ramping up for your busiest time of year. To help get you in the spirit of holiday planning and professional product shopping, we have again collaborated to deliver an early gift—MODERN SALON Holiday—which should have arrived recently and separately in your mail box. You can also experience it and all of our archived issues at

This bonus 13th issue is dedicated to helping you maximize and grow your holiday business and profi ts. We recap tips and trends to introduce new service trends and opportunities, and to build on holiday heroes, like hair color and festive styling. We hope you enjoy all the education and inspiration, and resolve to make Holiday 2012 your merriest, most profitable season ever.

Double Impact

We did save some great holiday education and inspiration for MODERN’s regular October issue, appropriately themed as our “money issue.” From the gorgeously styled, rich red hues on the front cover to the tempting display of retail gift packages and promotions in The Goods section on page 118, our goal throughout is to help you ring in the bling through the New Year. Don’t miss the add-on services advice in our Biz Builder column or the luxury treatments in Product Spotlight.

Doubly Important

October is also good month to remind you and your peers to take care of yourselves. Yes, October is breast cancer awareness month, and we are proud of all the “pink” projects and promotions that our industry supports to help raise funds for breast cancer research and resources. But don’t forget, as you sell your pink products and do your local community fundraisers, to be sure to schedule your own mammograms, to commit to your monthly self-exams, and to remind your friends, colleagues and loved ones to do the same.

Your general health care, too, is especially critical as the salon gets busier and your days more intense. To take best care of your clients and family at the holidays, you have to take care of yourself first. Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s rest, drinking plenty of water, taking time to eat healthy meals and snacks and simply giving your body and mind five-minute breaks to breath, stretch your hands and legs, and de-stress.

This sounds simple, but is truly the best gift you can give yourself now and throughout the salon’s high season.

Enjoy the changing colors of fall!

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