HOW TO: Pretty Pretty Brides For Marchesa

Maggie Mulhern | October 15, 2014 | 1:16 PM

For the Marchesa fall 2015 Bridal Collection, Akemi Tamaribuchi (for Kerastase Paris) created braided buns and soft, braided waves to complement the beautiful gowns. Here Tamaribuchi offers the how to:

Prep Steps:

* Prep hair with Ciment Thermique. Apply a generous amount of Mousse Bouffante from scalp through ends

* Blowdry up and away from the face, wrapping the shape for movement and volume using a finishing brush to get a soft finish


Step 1: Divide the hair into 2 sections at the top and bottom, and clip away the top

Step 2: Do a classic 3 strand braid on a 2" section of hair on the right side of the occipital bone. Secure with an elastic

Step 3: Spray the lengths of the remaining hair with VIP to add a subtle amount of texture

Step 4:  Using Baume Double Je on your hands for control of the shape, divide the remaining hair into 2 sections with a soft and casual side part

Step 5: "Tie" the 2 sections into 2 knots, creating a large chain link type of knot. Secure the knot against the head with bobby pins

Step 6: Wrap and tuck remaining lengths into the knot using pins



Step 1: Apply a generous amount of VIP from scalp through lengths to add texture

Step 2: Using a 1" curling iron, figure 8 wrap large vertical sections loosely around the iron and leave to cool

Step 3: Create a loose 3 strand braid at the back right side of the head and secure with an elastic

Step 4:  Create a soft and casual side parting, then over the ear pick up 2 small 1/2" strands of hair and tie into 2 knots consecutively to create a link, secure with an elastic just under the link

Step 5:  Repeat this "link" in 5-6 places around the head like a low crown, being sure to leave 1-2" inches of loose lengths between each "link"

Step 6: Stretch and expand the hair from the roots to encourage a loose volume

Step 7: Tuck small flowers into the lengths spraying them generously with Laque Noire to secure into place

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