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HOW TO: Dimensional and Powerful

Maggie Mulhern | October 15, 2014 | 9:00 PM


"I'm very passionate about bright colors," says Alyssa Wiener (@lysseon) of Stylin', Norwalk, Connecticut. "They  allow my clients to express what they're feeling on the inside, on the outside." Although licensed for just 3 years, Wiener is thrilled that "the number of people who sit in my chair and say 'do whatever you want' is more than less, and really makes my heart happy."


For regular client Taylor, Wiener spent 4 hours to create this bright and fun finish, charging $100/hr. Wiener points out that 2 inches of hair was cut, there are no extensions and the photos are 100% raw from her I Phone 5, without filter or photoshop. Here she offers the HOW TO:


Step 1: Lighten root area with Scruples Power Blonde + 30 vol. Lift to level 9-10 (about 45 minutes).


Step 2: Blend 4 different colors -

- Scruples Urban Shock Purple

- 1/2 Pravana Wild Orchid 1/2 Urban Shock Pink

- Pravana Vivids 1oz blue + 1/2 oz clear for the darker blue

- 1oz Vivids blue, 1/2oz blissful blue, 1/4 yellow and a 1/4 clear for the turquoise.

Step 3: Separate the front from the back. Start in the back doing forward diagonal sections, about an inch wide, alternating pink and purple. Work up to the occipital. Separate each section with Color Papers by Scruples.

Step 4: Switch to the dark blue, then the turquoise. ("Taylor's right side is growing out from a side shave, so her left side is where most of her hair is.")

Step 5: Take diagonal sections from hairline by the ear, alternating pink, purple, dark blue, turquoise. Work to the fringe, which is all turquoise.

Step 6: Process for half an hour, rinse with cold water.



My guests with bright colors always get sent home with the same take care card:

- don't wash every day, and when you do only in cold water

- only use the shampoo you buy from me - sulfate, sodium chloride, and paraben free

- always use a heat protect when styling your hair

- this color is not permanent, it will fade out!


This card also includes a complimentary deep conditioner so I can check up on their colors in a few weeks.


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