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5 Creative Ways You Can Use Hair Extensions on Your Clients

Lauren Salapatek | January 22, 2015 | 12:05 AM

“I HATE my hair.” How many times have we heard that from our clients?

Most of our clients come into the salon not loving something about their hair - even sometimes hating it. It is our job, as salon professionals, to make sure each and every client leaves loving their hair.

Isn’t it the best feeling when your client comes back loving what you did to their hair? For me it is. After working at a high-end salon in the Midwest for the past six years, hearing my clients say they loved their hair is what drives my business.

One of the hottest trends in the salon industry is hair extensions. From fusion to weaves they can work for just about anyone. Lots of clients have the perception that they are out of their price range and are only used to create length. When, in fact, there are so many other ways extensions can be used on your clients!

I have tried all kinds of extension techniques on my clients and myself such as: cold/hot fusion, clip-ins, tape, micro-beading Evolve, Halo, glue-in and weaves. I think it is very important to speak from personal experience and be well-educated on the product you are using.

It makes what you are selling authentic.

Your clients will trust and believe the product you are selling them. The biggest reason I started looking into different types of hair extensions was because I also HATED my hair. I wanted to help clients, like myself, find a way to have amazing, thick hair that looks natural. I LOVE helping clients feel even more confident and beautiful by transforming their hair with extensions.

Five great ways to use extensions on your clients:

1.     Length: Adding length for those clients who cannot achieve long locks on their own.

2.     Volume: Adding extensions gives women with finer hair bounce and fullness.

3.     Covering thinning areas: Some woman suffer from female pattern baldness, certain extensions help to mask or even cover the hair loss for the client.

4.     Bangs: You can create a heavy front bang on clients who might not have the length or thickness to their hair otherwise.

5.     Adding color: Using extensions to add color (instead of coloring their hair) is a great way for clients to change their haircolor as often as they would like without causing damage.

Stay tuned to learn everything you NEED to about extensions in my blog series!

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